Candy Crush Saga Level 472

Clear all Jellies and score 150000 in 33 moves

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 472

You may have to adjust the brightness of your monitor if the color changing candies bother you. Fortunately the level moves pretty quickly and the jellies fill with regular candies. As always, striped/wrapped combos or wrapped/wrapped combos clean house with jellies.

candy crush level 472 walkthrough video

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9 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 472”
  1. Lewis

    Target still says 40; is 33 moves now…guess lucky was part of the fix and ran away with the spoon – or was that something else?


      Thanks for noticing, we will update that now :)

  2. Sue

    Very frustrated when I kept losing lives right at the beginning. Finally used a speckled chocolate ball from the bonus reel to get started and once I got started, it wasn’t too hard to finish.


      Congrats Sue – its a common saying that ‘patience is a virtue’ :)

  3. Anouk

    Same here, no more moves left, while I hadn’t done anything yet.

  4. Karen

    Did it first go with a score of 547,460 and 3 stars :)

  5. Lei


    This was a very challenging level I did not imagine it to be this difficult! This was such a pain to the eyes!

    You start of with a frozen color bomb in this level so use it wisely. Since I only have that 1 move at the start i just swapped my color bomb with a candy color that I got most so it can clear a lot of jellies.

    Some candies are frozen and blinking like crazy but they can be useful once you match up the adjacent candies they unfreeze up.

    Color bomb + striped combo is the best and most useful here so you have got to make one or three, i made 3 combos to clear this level. It also helped that i cleared the candies below the board first to maximize the cascades. Take your time to plan your moves do not rush.

    Good luck happy crushing! This level was weird it kept on shuffling!

  6. Aimee

    Well I tried it once more to see what would happen. I actually passed it that time. That was a crazy way to start the level with the one shuffle and the message saying “No more moves – end level”

  7. Aimee

    I have lost 5 lives so far and have never had the opportunity to make one move on any of them. I don’t understand how I am supposed to even have a chance at passing this level.

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