Candy Crush Saga Level 480

Clear all Jellies and score 35000 in 45 moves

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 480

Try to save the frozen striped candies till the end if you can. Make a color bomb/striped candy combo or 2 striped/wrapped combos (one for each side) to clear out some of the licorice whirls first. Then use more combos or striped candy matches to clear the jellies.

candy crush level 480 walkthrough video

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10 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 480”
  1. tri

    I did it! I got to the last level!!!

    (Ok, I know there’s an update with more levels and so, but I need to rest, been playing this for almost a year.. not going to update just now)

    Thanks Candycrush for the entertainment, it was fun!

  2. David Ayud

    I landed on the JACKPOT on the booster wheel today and the screen froze. I did not get the chance to Claim Prize and the JACKPOT was lost. Can you explain that?

  3. Denise

    Helen D tip on using a fish is definitely the way to go – I may have ony got 1 star but who cares, I’m moving on!!!!!!!!

  4. eugene

    I pretty much hate this level. I know I need wrapped stripped combos but I get the chance to make very few – and then the stripes I do make are either going the wrong way or they don’t line up with the 4 squares on each side – UGH
    hopefully soon that lucky board will show up. I don’t think I’ve even gotten all the licorice whirls off yet :(

    • eugene

      thank goodness for the wheel and a lollipop hammer – phew -

  5. Copo

    Completed this level first go with colour bombs and stripes


      Congrats :)

  6. nirmal

    stuck on 480…. 463 was supposed to be very hard.. but cleared in 2 tries… 3 worst till now has been 381 — 461 — 480…!! you feel bored and helpless…


      Give our walkthrough video a watch and Pat’s comments a read, hopefully you’ll be able to beat this level soon enough! Good Luck :)

  7. Lei

    Wow it took me a lot of lives and days to pass this level!
    That was quite difficult to clear!
    * You have 3 frozen stripes, with regards to the stripes it is wise to keep it and use it when you are nearing the end of your game. But the typical candy crush players like me, well we just blasted our way thru the frozen stripes, unfroze it and used it.

    * Do your best to make a color bomb + striped combo it is quite easy to make color bombs here. This will clear the jellies faster.

    * Wrapped + striped combo are helpful but it took me a lot of moves to make this combo and it only cleared a few parts so i dropped that strategy.

    * So make lots of color bomb + striped combos then use the frozen stripes. Hope to clear the isolated jellies. Good luck!

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