Candy Crush Saga Level 481

Bring Down 2 chestnuts/2 cherries and score 45000 in 40 moves

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 481

Try to play the center three columns to avoid the bombs. If you must move over into the other columns, do your best to swap out the bombs with regular candies. Aside from vertically striped candy matches, no special candies are really needed to complete this level.

candy crush level 481 walkthrough video

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6 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 481”
  1. Amy

    Just played it on my PC…concentrated on the middle section as suggested and breezed through. Got multiple color bombs, a few vertical striped and a wrapped. 3 stars with 20 moves left to spare :) Yaaayyyy!!!


      Aha, Congrats Amy!

  2. Pam Surdi

    I am on level 481 on my laptop. I have a kindle fire hd and it only goes to level 440, Why is this?


      PC devices have all the levels available but mobile and tablet devices are still waiting to be updated.

  3. Lei

    That was an easy level for me i made lots of striped candies and striped + wrapped combo that easily cleared the level. You have to avoid clearing the candies below the bomb dispenser because once bombs are out you spend the rest of your moves clearing them.

    • Dave Young

      Easier said than done… Sooner or later, that’s the only match you can make or a cascading match from the top will triggers the bombs…

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