Candy Crush Saga Level 482

Collect 77 purple and 77 blue and score 20000 in 30 moves

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 482

Break the blocks in the center column (avoiding the top block as long as possible to delay releasing the bombs.) Once that block is broken, use the bombs to make as many specials as you can to achieve collecting the blues and purples as quickly as you can. Do not break the blocks at the tops of the outermost columns or you will have your hands full of bombs.

candy crush level 482 walkthrough video

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5 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 482”
  1. Jennifer

    Thanks for the tips! I always check here when a level trips me up. One way I beat this level was by combining a purple wrapped candy with a color bomb. It cleared out all the purple and blue and led to a victory!


      Awesome, Congrats!

  2. Laura

    I love this site. Tips are amazing and always help me through when I feel like giving up!


      We’re Happy to Hear that! Thank you and Good Luck!

  3. Lei

    Hello everyone just passed this level today it took me a few lives to pass it but i got 3 stars no boosters.
    Some tips to help you pass:
    * You can delay opening up the middle bomb dispenser but once it is open you can use the bombs to make combos, any combos actually. Sometimes you have no choice but break those blocks and release bombs.
    * If you get a color bomb swap it with striped candy either striped blue or striped violet. The bigger the blast the more violet or blues would come down.
    * Avoid making just 3′s matches as no massive combos no blues or violets would come down. Massive combos also make your scores higher! Than color bomb combos.
    Good luck happy crushing! I passed this level with no move to spare and 2 bombs about to go of i thought i was kaput! But i got this!

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