Candy Crush Saga Level 483

Clear all jellies and score 50000 in 35 moves

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 483

It’s difficult to look past the licorice locking the bombs and the fuses, but try to make color bombs here. Match them with striped candies or even just the color of a bomb about to explode.

candy crush level 483 walkthrough video

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5 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 483”
  1. Laurie Olson

    As always, Great tips! Ignored the bomb countdown (very hard to do) & concentrated on the choc bomb+striped combo. Two or three of them & the board is easily cleared. Lucked out on my second try with a very lucky board, the combo’s were easily made. Got my highest score ever!! 1,431,280.


      Wow! What a score! Congrats :D

  2. Denise

    In addition to the tips given, if you can start with a booster speckled ball compliments of your daily spin and match it right off with a striped jelly it will clear a lot of the bombs. Try to make the same combination one more time. This will clear most if not all of the remaining bombs leaving you to clean up the few remaining jellies. Good Luck!

  3. Lei

    Requirement: clear all jellies and reach 50,000 points.

    This is a very tricky level!
    With all the move bomb located on the left and right side of the board you get only 20 moves to clear the bombs and subsequently the board.
    The fastest way to clear this level is to make a color bomb + striped combo. It is even better if there are a lot of candies of the same color as the striped candy as this clears the jellies very swiftly. Pick of remaining jellies then you are good to go!


      Thanks for another great tip Lei! :)

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