Candy Crush Saga Level 487

Bring down 3 chestnuts and 3 cherries and score 70000 in 50 moves

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 487

 The three columns on the left—ingredients, bombs and then licorice whirls—are not connected to each other in any way. They all feed into the right board section on their own. So an ingredient appears in the far left column, goes through the teleport at the bottom of the column and then appears in the left column of the final right side board. (Bombs and licorice whirls do the same.) With a lot of ingredients to get out (and you only get one at a time—the next will not appear until the previous one is out–), try to keep clearing that right board section. There are not enough moves to just work the ingredient column on the final board and the bombs will stack up in their column if you don’t start removing them.

candy crush level 487 walkthrough video

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3 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 487”
  1. Cathy

    Finished on the first try with no boosters or even checking out the tips. I focused on the right column while watching the middle columns for bombs. Passed with 1 star and 10 moves left. I’ll come back for more stars when a get stuck on another level. Having success at another level makes the hard ones less annoying.

  2. Nicole Lawrence

    Is there a glitch on this level? It wont let me use purchased lives. It kicks me off and I have to remove it losing all my items and download it again. I cant contact anyone and am getting mad.

  3. Lei

    This was a very fun level liked playing it!
    You have 3 separate columns for the ingredients, bombs and licorice whirls.
    As much as possible move the candies corresponding to the ingredient columns.
    New ingredients will not appear unless you clear the first one. Once it is cleared the new ingredient will appear. Just clear the right board as much as possible and clear ingredients with the least number of moves.
    Good luck enjoy the level!

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