Candy Crush Saga Level 500

Bring down 4 chestunts and 4 cherries and score 80000 in 65 moves

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 500

Try for striped/wrapped combos or wrapped/wrapped combos low and over the cannons to clear them quickly—BUT separately. The coconut wheel can be used (after the locked candies are unlocked and clear of any licorice whirls) to create horizontally striped candies which can help clear the remaining cannon pieces. Then try color bomb/striped combos, striped/wrapped combos or simple vertically striped candy matches to get all the ingredients out.

candy crush level 500 walkthrough video

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75 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 500”
  1. Jill

    Finally crushed it after one month, thanks to a coconut wheel from the daily spin. You don’t just get one, they keep coming so clearing the pizzas and blocks at the side was easy! And I was lucky to get vertical stripes to get the last ingredients out, guess it was a bit of luck too.

  2. marsh

    When i set the wheel free from the bottom and there were no special candies or bombs above it, the whole row all the way to the top turned to wrapped candies and exploded almost the whole board!


      Whoa lucky break! Awesome :D

  3. Lucyru

    I had completely stopped playing, level 500 is too hard it’s no fun to play. I think it’s intentionally hard to get you to buy boosters. I play occasionally now, but am ready to quit. I feel manipulated.


      Don’t let the harder levels beat you down! You’ve made it this far, so you’ll definitely be able to Crush it! Try switching devices and see what board you receive on a different gaming device.

  4. Mark Schumacher

    I had sworn off Candy Crush due to this stupid level, but playing sporadically over the last month I beat it yesterday with 9 moves left, no boosters, and getting three stars. I suspect this level has been made easier to win. I found it interesting I passed the level when King was on the news about its public offering. The one good thing this level did is make me determined never to spend any money on this game. I also will never play any other games by King.

  5. Rough

    It was pretty clear to me that 500 was a tough one when it took days for me to pass the lv. Now that I have it as a quest, it’s really annoying. it got me even hate trying now. Few times I had all the ingredients fell through but still fail as I didn’t hit the needed score. 260,000 from the original 80,000. That is way more than double. As if collecting all the ingredients wasn’t tough enough huh??? Grrrr!!!

    • Rough

      I did it!!!! Managed to hit the score just tad bit more than required. I am satisfied as long as lv 500 is in my rear view mirror. Few tips that may help someone in the same position. 1. Concentrate! Really concentrate. Every move counts. 2. Focus on clearing the cake pudding. Use simple match 3 or vertical stripe as long as each move is made to clear. Explode the pudding one at a time. 3. Try not to unlock the licorice whirls dispenser so keep any candy below it (u need just 1 candy) locked as long as u can. 4. Use the wheel as early as u can to help clear the lower part of the pudding early in the game. U only need 3 candy above the coconut wheel and don’t get intimidated if u happen to have a licorice whirl as the 4th candy. I have about 30 moves left after both puddings cleared. 4. Then, concentrate on making chocolate balls and use it with stripe or simply to eliminate color. 5. As u eliminate color it is easy to make more chocolate balls so try making this as many as u could. I think I made about 5 with 3 of them combined with stripes. Make sure the color that u eliminate or turn to stripe are placed properly so ingredients can fall thru in the process (before hitting the chocolate balls). Good luck!!

  6. It's me

    There were many level before this that tested my patiene and the enjoyment of this game however I truly think this level beats them all. I haven’t ever been close enough or in any position to use a booster or any other kind of cheat. Can’t even get *that* close! Not only that but once the ingredients fall they get in the way of ever opening up the ports so you are stuck treading water hoping for a vertical but the licorice and bombs get in the way.

    Ug, All the supposed strategies involve nothing but luck and theory but in practice are nearly impossible to achieve. Clearing the bottoms before the top? Yes I actually realized that the first time I saw the board but good luck with actually achieving that.

  7. Dennyboi

    Hardest level for me, 5 days, no boosters.

    I used a lot of Lei’s suggestions (Thank you Lei!! )


    1. At the beginning, play only ONE side and focus ONLY on clearing the columns on the side of that pizza. (Do not deal with clearing the pizza at all)
    Keep your play on the lower half of the board, and the side of the pizza.

    2. This is important: Keep the dispensers closed for as long as possible
    A. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Keep the dispenser on the OPPOSITE SIDE that you are working on, closed as long as possible. This forces the game to drop all of the ingredients on the side you are working on.

    3. Once you have gotten a lot of the blocks removed around the pizza, THEN concentrate on clearing the pizza slices. Most of the slices by then will already removed.

    4. Usually I used the coconut wheel to get rid of the last slice.

    5. Once the Cannon goes off:
    A. If the dispenser is still closed on the side you are working on, concentrate on clearing the bottom blocks before the ingredients start to fall.
    B. If the dispenser is open, your ingredients fall directly onto the bottom few blocks.

    6. At this point: Make Vertical Stripped or Stripped+Wrapped Candy Combos as much as you can to clear the remaining blocks.
    A. Even a Chocolate Ball+Stripped Candy is good at this point – However, it could also open up the dispenser on the OPPOSITE SIDE. If that does happen, just clear the pizza on that side and play your best. But be aware, now you have to clear the blocks on the bottom of both sides now in order to win.

    Don’t forget: Activating a Wrapped Candy to the side of a block (even if there is an ingredient on top of it) will remove 2 layers of it or can clear it entirely if there are 2 layers remaining on it.

    Sweet Spot: The best singular square, is the square where the coconut wheel is initially located on. If you have a Horizontal stripped candy there, or a Wrapped Candy+Stripped Candy combo there, you can wipe out one layer off of all the blocks located on the bottom 2 or 3 squares of each row.

    (Sorry this entry was so long, but this is the strategy I used to finally win)

  8. Jenny

    Wow so I just posted a comment a few minutes ago after reading the tips for lvl 500, I went back to game and beat 500! I spent $3 to do it. That was crazy!


      Many Crushers have had this same experience happen to them! Maybe complaining here is a good luck charm lol! but Congratulations!

  9. Jenny

    K This lvl is by far one of the hardest I think. Only been stuck for a week so far prob tried 100 times.

  10. Denise

    After severals weeks I came back to see how pople were progressing on this level. Reading the responses, I received my answer. This level pretty much gave people their lives back, including me. Weeks later, I may stop to play a game or two and then I remember why I stopped. Literally after hundreds of attemps, the closest I came was within 2. I’ll keep checking back periodically to see if they make any changes to this level. Good luck to all who continue on.

  11. Mark Schumacher

    King has made a ton of money on this game and I have been one of the suckers who has paid money. Now at level 500 I am done. This level is just plain boring and I am not going to play the same stupid level for over a month. I hope king reads this as I will never play another of their games. I am sure they could care less.

  12. Kris

    This is totally disgusting. You work so hard to get this far then you spend more money and still can’t do it. I’ve about given up. Wish they would just pass me on. Good luck everyone.

    • Kris

      I also just tried to get my free color bombs and that of course didn’t work.

  13. Keek

    Thanks to all that posted tips here. I finally beat this level last night without boosters after hundreds (really) of lives and many weeks of trying. I combined several of your tips and they lead me to focus totally on the lower half blocks and wiping out the cakes so that the ingredients stayed up top as long as possible to allow me to clean out the corner blocks. All the while keeping an eye on the pesky bombs. I was not immediately successful, but with each try I got closer and became more skillful with the strategy and it worked. Mostly used wrapped/stripe combos, color candy/strip combos and vertical strip candies positioned over the corners. Thank you everyone that posted tips – they really were helpful.


      Glad our site could by of use to you :) Thanks for sharing!

  14. Bhavesh

    I just cleared level 500. Do
    we have any levels on android phone after 500??


      As of yet Android phones only go up to level 500 but seeing as a new episode has just been released on PC, an update should be on its way to Android phones soon :)

  15. John E

    Fantastic news. I passed level 500 on both the iPhone and the ipad today.
    For both I had exploded one cake before any ingredients had fallen. I then cleared the other relatively easily.

    On the iPhone I had 4 ingredients down on one side and 2 sitting on a blocker that was down to one hit to clear it above the exit on the other so I used a lollipop hammer to let them fall. The 7th ingredient came through and I managed to get it down with the help of a striped/wrapped combo. The last ingredient was harder. I had it one position above the exit with one move to go and lollipopped it out.

    The iPad was a little harder, again there were ingredients on both sides (I don’t think in reply to Ronnie’s question this level can be done without clearing the cakes) and again I had 4 on one side and 2 on the other. Again I got the 4 to drop with a vertical striped and used a lollipop to get the others to fall. With about 15 moves to go I managed to get the 7th ingredient out. The last one was the most difficult and I had it 3 positions above the exit with 6 moves to go. However I had a bomb ready to explode that I just couldn’t get to. So I used my last 3 lollipops to get it out.

    Phew, I am glad this is over and just in time as there are now another 15 levels released.

    Thank you again to crushing candies.Com and everyone else’s hints and tips, they really do help and are more detailed and useful than any of the other sites I have looked at.

  16. Gil

    It took well over a hundred tries. Finally beat it with two lollipop hammers. It can be done with patience and luck!


      Unfortunately there are plenty of luck levels hidden in the Candy Crush Saga. But well done for waiting it out and finally beating level 500! :)

  17. gina

    level 500 is the hardest level everrrr…. it’s been 3weeks i’m stuck on it. for owl dream, i’m stuck in level 68… please add some move… it’s only 35..

  18. Ruthie

    I have loved playing Candy Crush, even the really hard levels. Unfortunately, with level 500, I never even come close no matter what tips I follow. I find myself ending games early out of boredom or because a win seems hopeless. This makes me sad. I will continue to play, but this is the first level where my heart just isn’t in it anymore.

    • Merri

      I totally agree with this entire post! I have tried EVERY tip & suggestion, and I have never even been close…. yes, getting to 500 is great but this is so boring….any other helps would be appreciated!!!

    • Ruthie

      On my PC, I’m magically on level 501. Weird, but I’ll take it. I wonder if I will be past level 500 after the next update on my android phone?

      • Merri

        Ok Ruthie, did you usually only play on your PC? I almost play exclusively on an iPhone so don’t know if the magic you encountered is possible for me…..lucky, lucky YOU!!!

    • Ruthie

      Well, my phone updated, but I am still on level 500 (I am past 500 on my PC). I prefer to play on my phone. With that said, and because I am bored out of my skull with level 500, I have moved on to Bubble Witch Saga. I love Candy Crush, but it now feels like a time waster playing the same level over and over and over and over…
      I will still play CC occasionally. Who knows, maybe a miracle will happen :-)

      • Merri

        Hallelujah !!!! Thanks to the lollipop hammers I saved from the bonus wheel, I am finished with level 500 !! It took 3 hammers but that’s fine with me !

        • Ruthie

          Good job, Merri. I wish I would get hammers from the daily wheel, but I seem to always get color bombs, which aren’t too helpful on level 500. I keep trying level 500 every now and then.

    • Trina

      I totally agree with you on this one.

      I was stuck on this level for 12 days and it was so frustrating I hardly played.

      I did my free spins everyday and knew eventually I’d be able to use hammers and I luckily had two of them.

      I got finally, down to the last fruit actually visible and 12 moves left.

      I was able to match a few and I had two candies under the cherries.

      I just hit those candies one at a time with that hammer and thankfully I am past this level it was the worst!

      so boring! and no motivation to play it…lol


        Well congrats on finally beating this awful level lol, hopefully the next few will be much more exciting for you :)

  19. Cora Turnwall

    I have been stuck on level 500 for 3 weeks now and it is getting annoying, frustrating, disheartening and so on. This level is so hard to pass and I had never spent a penny to reach this level. Having said that, if there is only way that I can buy a special magic booster just to kiss this level goodbye and never look back. Ugh!!! Grrrr!!! Am I the only one that is having a hard time passing this evil level??? Maybe complaining will get me a good board.!!!


      Some levels are harder then others, but if you hang in there you can do it! You’ve hit the milestone 500 level so its bound to be hard. Dont forget to collect as many boosters as you can from the daily wheel and you’ll get there :)

  20. Ronnie

    Patricia, I have a question about this Level (500) ….. Is it possible to complete it without removing both cakes? For that matter is it possible to do so without removing any cake? I ask because the ingredients all seem to come down to the left and to the right.

  21. John E

    This is really a tough one. I’ve been on it for 2 weeks so I estimate about 150 attempts. I agree with Lei, attack one side at a time. I managed a couple of times to get some ingredients down with only one cake broken. If you manage to leave the other side blocked then you have less jelly to clear. So let striped/wrapped combos drop down before you activate them.

    I got excited after the first few days and used up my lollipop hammers too early because I thought that clearing the cakes with 47 moves to go I was on the path to victory. I used them to get rid of the bombs which just never offered any opportunity to destroy.

    So if you have some keep them until you are on the last ingredient and have a clear path to finish. I would have finished once if I had 2 lollipops as I had one ingredient to go and just had to clear a single double jelly.

    Just for those using iOs there are some different behaviours on this level on an iPhone.

    1 The wheel. If you have a striped candy just above it when you active it then:
    If it is vertical striped then it sets it off, the liquorice falls down and the wheel does nothing
    If it is horizontal it doesn’t get activated so the lowest level doesn’t get hit. Any non striped candies do get activated.

    2 If you make a colour bomb and one end of the 5 is touching liquorice it only makes a striped candy, using the one on the end to remove the liquorice I assume

    There are other bugs (features?) on this level, it doesn’t behave the same as other levels.

    A little bit frustrating but no where near as bad as 417 because it behaves normally most of the time.

    • John E

      Still trying but finding it difficult to remain enthusiastic as I never seem to get close. The most frustrating thing is that I started counting what proportion of striped candies are made vertical over the outer 2 columns and help clear the exits. The worst I have had is 0 of 9, the best 3 of 7. I’m sure this extended run of bad luck has to end at some point but its getting herder and harder.

      The other bad thing is that I have caught up on my ipad with my iPhone so I have 2 level 500′s to beat now. Sigh.

      • John E

        Actually, Patricia, I did encounter the problem on 498 on the ipad where the last ingredient didn’t drop until the last move. I followed the advice and terminated CCS and restarted it and lo and behold it started behaving properly? Do you think that this level may have a problem too? I usually leave it running in the background, should I terminate it after each try. Anyone else who has completed this level on an iOS device got any advice?

        Actually, has anyone completed this level on an iOS device? I don’t use Facebook so I may be in trouble…..

  22. Lei

    I just passed this very very difficult level today! It was as difficult as level 350 I thought this was the end of my candy crushing days! My goodness!
    Some tips that might help you that you can and cannot follow:

    1. Clear 1 pudding cake: Start of with big blasts, wrapped + striped candy combo but just clean of one pudding cake one at a time. It is better to clear 1 side too so ALL ingredients come down that 1side only.

    2. Unlock the middle locked candy: use a vertical stripe candy. Keep the action in the middle by removing licorice or below the board.

    3. Remove the licorice from the middle by using simple 3s candy combo. Then use the coconut by moving it up to produce vertical candies.

    4. Keep in mind it is always good to keep the ingredient dispensers closed while you clean of the 2 pudding cakes separately.

    5. With the 2 cannons going of separately 2 layers will be removed. If you are lucky, only 1 side of ingredient dispensers will be opened. D

    6. My right ingredient dispensers were closed so all ingredients came down the left. I used vertical stripes like mad! Making sure the right side dispensers stay closed. Do not make moves on the closed side. Do not spend too many moves clearing the chocolates.

    7. When my last ingredient came down I used color bomb + simple candy combo to clear its way. I have to say all the free hammers I got from the booster wheel, I used it all, all the free hammers I got from playing every King game I used it, I purchased free moves because I only got one candy blocking the way of my last ingredient to clear, what the heck I just need to finish this and keep my sanity!

    * Of to level 501! Hope the tips help. I am so relieved to pass level 500! Another one added to the most difficult level list! Thank you crushingcandies for the helpful video and everyone here for the helpful tips and comments!


      Well done Lei! So happy you’ve passed it and thanks so much for those 7 helpful tips!! They will definitely come in handy for Crushers :D :D Only 15 more levels to go until you have to wait until the next episode update :O Keep up the good work and as always – HAPPY CRUSHING! :)

      • Lei

        Happy crushing too! I got a free pass to the next episode! Weird but I will take it hehe! This is the third time i was champion of an episode and third time i think i got a free pass! :)


          Haha, thanks Lei :D And thats great, lucky you! Wish they would give me a free pass LOL – And 3 times :O Game on :)

      • Mariann Cuff

        I like Lei’s tips but she used many boosters and purchased extra moves to pass Level 500. It seems most of the people who have passed 500 used boosters. I used up most of my boosters in previous levels and don’t want to pay for boosters to pass 500. It’s not right to make a level – any level – this difficult. Obviously any of us who have gotten to 500 really enjoy this game, but this type of level encourages players to quit. Please don’t ruin Candy Crush by making levels such as 500 so difficult to pass. I am following all of the tips on this site and still have not come close to passing 500. I’m very frustrated and guess I’ll just have to wait for my “lucky board”, whatever …

        • Kris

          I totally agree with you. I did spend money to try to beat this, but I still failed. I think I will be quitting this game. It’s no fun anymore

          • Nando

            I agree with all…stuck on 500 for far too long….I’m ready to quit….yes I’ve spent bucks to buy extra moves…but NO MORE!!

        • Mariann Cuff

          I also don’t think it is fair that King gives some players a “special pass” with this level and advances them without having to pass it while the rest of us have to suffer through it. Obviously if this level is that difficult King should consider toning it down a bit to make it fair for all of its players.


            We agree with you there Mariann! Send a message to King to see if they can do anything about it? :)

  23. Francois

    Version 1.23.1 was just released for my ipad. It says that it adds two new sessions. I did the upgrade and rebooted but nothing has changed. The construction logo continues to be shown after level 500. I completed level 500 with one star and it shows that correctly. I contacted the support group but they don’t offer me a solution. Do a just wait for another release and hope that it fixes the problem?

  24. Banjo Boy

    I’ve never been on Facebook, so I was stuck on level 35 for a very long time. But once the mystery quests opened up, I hauled it, and I finally made it to this level! It is very difficult, but almost every level in this game has had a secret, a way to do something in order to win. I think a couple of people hit it right on the head: delay the ingredients. That’s been my biggest problem. I’m getting closer each time I play to beating this level, and I hope that my success soon follows!


      we will be rooting for you banjo, we hope success comes your way too. Good Luck! :)

  25. MC

    FRUSTRATED! I cleared the board with 15 moves left. No meringue, chocolate under control, 3 ingredients to go. They just never came down! How can this be? Isn’t that level hard enough? The way was all cleared! It was already a miracle!


      unfortunately those glitches have been occurring a lot lately and that includes other games under the control of such as the Pet Rescue Saga. We are unsure as to why this is happening but hopefully King can sort out their technical glitch soon! :)

      • Uma

        So happy I was… But the same thing happend as FredV and I had 28 moves to go… The last 3 never came:-( How can I solve this ‘glitch’? The motivation to conquer this level is not funny anymore…


          The only suggestions that seem to have worked in the past is by either turning your gaming device off and then on again or by sending a message to King on Hope this works for you and you can carry on playing the candy crush saga the way it should be played! Good Luck :)

  26. khandie

    This level was quite frustrating. After several tries and 2days, i just beat it with 5moves left. The trick as someone mentioned is to delay the fruits from coming down too quickly so u can clear the blocks. Break the pies as soon as possible to free up space. Stripe with wrapped combo can clear many blocks @ a time. This combo is more effective in this level.

  27. FredV

    I have set a record to-day. I have just had my five hundred’s try at level 500 and keep on failing. At most had the cakes cleared about 10 times. Three times had nearly 40 moves on a cleared board and had the adrenalin pumping. Each time the game discharged a bomb in such a way that it could not be cleared in time with no matching candies near. The last one showed that I still had 23 moves. Also found that there is no chance to make any stripe as the candies always fall to only make matches so I seem to be just moving candies around or keep the chocolate at bay. I have not had a color bomb or a wrapped appear on the board once after I had cleared the cakes. Usually run out of moves before clearing both cakes. This level is so disheartening that I may have to quit CC. My daughter also has had numerous attempts for me on both my laptop and iPad and even signed in with my pw etc on her iPad and iPhone without any luck. She got it down to just one fruit and also encountered a bomb which was impossible to get. Will I give up? Certainly thinking about it as it is now just a boring exercise. The whole game has been like running a marathon and when I get to the stadium I find that I am not allowed in because I do not have an admission ticket. There should be a time-out option for a level and move on but return to the evil one at a later stage. Without that sort of thing I will probably opt to leave CC to other more lucky persons and look for another not so boring exercise. Certainly very disappointed that CC made this level almost impossible after so may attempts.


      We feel you Fred, some of these levels do make it seem impossible to beat! But to be at level 500 is an achievement in itself. Also that’s a great idea about a time out button – King should really get themselves one of those on the game. We recommend you send a message to King and see what they say about it – they update and change levels all the time if enough crushers ask them too (We’ve seen it happen) :) And who knows, it could make them crazy levels more enjoyable!! Here’s the link and let us know how you get on :)

      • Karen Bailey

        Patricia – My dad posted on your forum a few days ago after he finished level 500 but did not tell you that I had been stuck much longer then he. On 24 January you posted a reply with a link to King suggesting that Dad posts a thought to build a pass out into that level. He did so on my behalf using my log in credentials and surprisingly a new screen flashed up with the usual orange King logo, CC opened and indicated I should play. I did so and the game then moved me on to level 501 without the need for a ticket. I did not get a score but can try my luck again later. At least I can now continue on my PC. Thank you for the suggestion and my compliments to King for allowing me to move forward.


          So pleased that King could do this for you. It just goes to show that if you do voice your opinion, there is a chance that it will get answered :)

  28. Marge

    Yikes! At least it is a fun one with lots of moves, snap, crackle and pop. Especially since I am going to be on it forever. I sure could do without the bombs. I think “they” have done this to keep us busy so they can be creative on new ones without us nipping at their heels.


      Who knows Marge, who knows! But thanks for sharing and happy you can enjoy this level even with it being hard :)

  29. Fred V

    I totally agree with all those commenting in the negative. Have lost count of lives “lost”. Seems some are very lucky as I do not get very many color bombs at all and if I do I have to use it on a bomb. Usually I get that message that a bomb is about to explode which was impossible to get at. Only twice got down to attempting to clear the bottom blocks but with 3 moves left each time there is no hope at all. The most annoying bit is that I plan a good move which is immediately followed by a bomb dispensed which costs moves to get rid of it. Reaching this level after many frustrations has tested my patience but I fear that this time my patience is fast coming to an end. I will not yet give up but am close to do so. Maybe I get lucky????

  30. Ali

    Ahhh, very hard level! At least it is fun to play…

    • Ali

      I did it! I did it! :D

  31. eugene

    Got this after a long day of trying – NO boosters

    what I figured out was to delay the ingredients coming down as long as possible – try not to break the blocks under the dispensers and try to get the sides and even down to the bottom as far as possible before releasing the first cannon. once the ingredients get on top of those bottom blocks they are hard to break. This last time I only had 2 ingredients released when the whole board opened up. Had a lot of luck with chocolate sprinkle bombs and stripped but they worked because they could just propel the ingredients out without having to break the blocks.

    all in all though what I have learned in these upper levels is that you just have to be patient for those lucky boards. I have never bought a booster but do have the ones from the wheel and playing other games- but with the exception of a lollipop hammer now and then to get one last jelly – I have passed the levels without using even the boosters I get from the wheel – although they are fun to have and I hope they keep the wheel :)

  32. Rachel

    Well, I passed it on the 2nd try. I was expecting horrors, but I either got 2 very lucky boards or they have modified to make this easier. Both tries, I had a very easy time getting combos (color bombs, wrapper/stripe combos, etc.) On the one I passed, I cleared first cannon quickly in the early moves using stripes and the coconut wheel. The other had just one piece left, which I could hit on the next move. Pure luck–really nice board.


      Congrats for completing it!! :)

  33. Laura

    The strangest thing happened to me too (like some others above). I tried for at least a week to clear 500. Even used the free boosters I’d been storing up from the daily spins. No luck.

    Then all of a sudden I see that I’m at 501 (didn’t even need to get tickets from friends to cross the bridge). I did notice a trophy near 500 with my FB pic saying that I was a champion of meringue moor with “34″ points.

    Not sure if this had anything to do with my free pass, but I’ll take it!


      Lol, well hey you made it! Congrats! Good Luck with the next 15 levels :)

      • Laura


    • Nuria

      The exact thing happened to me! Except I’m not the champion of Meringue Moor. Of all my FB friends, only one is ahead of me in the game at this point and she’s got more points than I.
      I have no idea how or why this happened but I’m not complaining! I was sick of 500 already!

  34. Bryan

    Just beat it on my FINAL move with a wrapped-wrapped combo to drop the final cherry with NO boosters. This level was tough and, like most at this stage, required lots of luck and combos. I think I had three color bomb-stripped candy combos and two or three wrapped-stripped combos after I cleared the cannons. I was sort of paying attention to the bombs and actually had one bomb with one on the counter but luckily I had a color bomb next to the same color so I took care of that. No real strategy, just luck and combos. Finally glad to say that I am through with this game! At least for a while until the next episode is released….keep crushing everyone!


      Great Well Done Brian for reaching level 500, we’re looking forward to the next episodes being released haha

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