Candy Crush Saga Level 508

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 508

Level 508: First priority here is to clear out the licorice, or they will deflect all your special candies’ effectiveness. Then work to clear the cannons. There are jellies under all of them and the blocks! Wrapped/wrapped combos work well to clear the side cannons if you can get them low enough.

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One Response to “Candy Crush Saga Level 508”
  1. Lei

    Level 508 is one of the more difficult levels in this episode..but nothing like level 500 or 350. Took me a few tries but finished with 3 stars.

    @ The priority here is too remove the licorice first by simple 3 candy moves so if you make special combos it would not deflect the effect.

    @ As usual clear 3 pudding cakes one at a time. I started clearing the top cake as it was easier.

    @ After the first cannon went off i made lots of wrapped + striped combo down the middle part to clear the way so i can make horizontal and vertical stripes. It was difficult to clear the parts of the cake located on the outer side of it!

    @ Horizontal stripes are very helpful here especially if located in the last row. I made sure most of my moves gave me a special combo for max destruction of jellies and cakes.

    Good luck everyone! Thank you crushing candies for the tips and videos!

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