Candy Crush Saga Level 51

Clear all the jelly and reach 20000 points in 50 moves to pass this level.

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 35000 points
3 stars: 45000 points

In level 51 introduces the chocolate blocks, these blocks are destroyed after a close match but they come back after some time. You have to clear all the chocolate blocks to get rid of it. Can’t Complete Candy Crush Level 51? Why don’t you watch our walkthrough video?

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 51

The chocolate is your first priority so break some of the cream blocks. It’s unnecessary to break all the blocks though to clear the level.

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13 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 51”
  1. Donna

    What does the owl do on level 50?


      As soon as a player reaches level 50 on Candy Crush, a new alternate universe called ‘Dreamworld’ will then be available to you. You will then be able to play a series of levels similar to candy crush but of course with a twist. Just click the Owl to enter Dreamworld :)

  2. J9

    I have been sent 6 tickets to unlock level 51, yet only 2 of them have registered, I receive a request on Facebook that I have been sent a ticket yet when I go to claim it doesn’t, come up on candy crush, and yes I am going in via facebook


      Are you receiving these tickets from the same people? as sometimes this prevents tickets syncing. Otherwise your experiencing some sort of technical glitch that only King will be able to sort out. Follow this link to send them a message

    • Charleen Berard

      I am on level 51 I got one life so far but it does not show up,so the other two probably won,t show up either what to do? Also I think that is a silly thing to put in the game. I like to play without having to depend on others. Char

  3. Sandalwood

    This is the level that broke my addiction. I deleted the app this morning.

  4. pz

    Grrrrr! Can’t advance to level 51 after completing level 50 3 TIMES (not the easiest task) So what next? Candy Crush – if I get frustrated, I will delete & not return. On to the next fun game if CC is no fun anymore! Any ideas out there?


      You need to receive 3 tickets from Candy Crush friends.. did you do it?

      • B Richards

        I used 3 at different times. Do I have to wait to get 3 and use the unlocks all at the same time?


          Yes, you will need 3 available tickets to advance. Hope you get there!

  5. Linda wood

    I completed level 50 but it will not let me advance to level 51. Why not?


      because you need 3 tickets in order to advance.. you have to ask your candy crush friends send them to you!

  6. Phil

    Please if someone can help. I haven’t been able to purchase anything in candy crush saga. Keeps telling me authentication is required! !! I want to go to level 51. Play store works etc. Why oh why. ..

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