Level 522 screenshotCandy Crush Saga Level 522

Score 120,000 points in 40 moves or less and collect 10 Wrapped Candies to win this level!


Star Points

1 Star – 120,000 points

2 Stars – 160,000 points

3 Stars – 200,000 points





Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 522

Level 522: Delay unfreezing the wrapped candy under the bomb dispenser as long as you can because the resulting bombs are only 5 move bombs and they stream out. Use them to make specials, but try to replace the bomb under the dispenser with a regular candy or you will be chasing bombs instead of looking for wrapped candy opportunities. When possible match your wrapped candies with striped candies to keep the chocolate at bay. For as long as you can, play above the bomb dispenser