Candy Crush Saga Level 524

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Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 524

Level 524: Don’t waste your fish! Match them with special candies because there are several tough candies to unlock and jellies to clear. A color bomb/striped combo works well here and later use a color bomb matched with a regular candy to clear those tough to get jellies. As always striped/wrapped combos work really well in jelly levels.

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One Response to “Candy Crush Saga Level 524”
  1. Lei

    It was quite difficult to unlock the candies and clear jellies in those parts. But use your fishes wisely use them for the really hard to get jellies. I matched the fishes with wrapped candies for maximum destruction. If you get chances to make 3 candy matches and clear jellies go for it.
    Wrapped + striped combos are awesome for this level as well as striped + color bomb combinations. Good luck!

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