Candy Crush Saga Level 65

candy crush level 65Target
Clear all the jelly and reach 120000 points in 40 moves to complete the candy crush saga level 65. Yellows are disappeared and it looks like the center Jellies are single Jellies after the last update.

1 star: 120000 points
2 stars: 220000 points
3 stars: 310000 points

Here is a walkthrough video and tips for Candy Crush Level 65

Candy Crush Saga Level 65 Tips

This is probably the toughest level in the Whole Candy Crush Saga Series! And as you know you will face different challenges everytime you play a specific level! The same happens with #65! So here are a few tips:

  • Your top priority is to destroy chocolates! Though this is a general tip for Candy Crush, in this hard-to-beat level its more than necessary. Why is that? Because chocolate covers a new candy each turn you don’t remove one! And as you know the chocolate covered candies can’t have their jellies removed!  This means you are about to spend many moves to fight them and this will make you lose the the battle.
  • You need to focus on making big four and triple three matches while destroying chocolate!
  • After removing all chocolates you desperately need to get a combination of candy bomb and striped candies! So you need to be patient in order for making it feasible for this combo to happen! Many Candy Crushers don’t know that when this magic combo takes place what happens is that all the same coloured candies turn into stripes and they are removed at the same moment! If you make it happen you are only a few (easy) steps from victory!
  • Generally speaking, attempt to do as much combos as possible. With such limited number of moves (50 moves) and so many jellies you need to get 2 combos of 3 at the same moment (candy packets), combos of 4 (stripped candies) and if possible combos of 5 (aka candy bomb). Again you need to be patient and combine a candy pocket with a striped candy! Its a good choice to spend a couple of combos in order to combine these, because they are capable to removing up to 30 jellies!!! Even if you need to spend 10 movements you HAVE TO make this combo happen!
  • Focus on the bottom part of the board and ignore the top till the end because removing jellies from the bottom will make tones of matches in the upper part of the board so the effect is much bigger!
  • The caged candies is another pain in the ass.. your second priority after removing chocolates is to free the candies! So when you are not spending moves to remove chocs you need to invest them on releasing the caged candies!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 65

Ignore the center of the board, unless you can readily make a color bomb. Instead try to go around the board and break as much chocolate as you can. Next try to unlock the locked candies and attempt to make striped/wrapped combos or a color bomb/striped combo to clear the most area. Horizontally striped or vertically striped candies can help clear the wings. Do not let the chocolate overgrow the area so much that your candies are limited.

If this information is not enough you may visit our forum thread and ask your question or provide your feedback and suggestions

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34 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 65”
  1. Andrea

    Wow!!! I followed each tip to the letter and beat #65 on my second attempt. Elation, glee, smiles…
    P.S. Thank you for this special and warm website Patricia????????????


      That’s great Andrea! Patricia is our top Games Guru :D We’re happy our site could be of service to you

  2. Barbara Richardson

    APP called Candy Crush Saga – Videos, Tips, Walkthrough has to be ready upside down after tapping on it. (on my iPad)

    How do I turn it around?


  3. Katsterr

    When I pass lever 65 .. Idon’t move up.. It takes me to 3 quests that I can only win once in 24 hours.. then when I won the quests (unlocked them) it took me back to 30 or 35 and now I am back at 65 again back to the quest.


      i don’t know why this happens.. this is the first someone reports that.. any other to report the same?? Please contact king: . Also you can ask for 3 candy crush friends to send you tickets in order to advance to 66!

    • Anita

      I am having the same problem with level 65. I play on my iPhone and have “won” this game at least 3 times now, but it does not let me move on and is increasing the Target level by that last won amount.

      My current Target level is 401,000….I think it’s a bug in the software maybe on the iPhone but have no clue how to get past it. I did send an email to the website, but feel all is lost for me. I would have to delete the app and start over, which does not sound like fun.


        There has been quite a few technical glitches lately with the King software, hopefully they get it sorted soon. But in the meantime, maybe try the game on a different device like a PC and see if you can pass the level there. If not leave the game alone for a couple of days and then see if you can beat once resumed playing. Please keep us updated and we hope that your problem will be sorted soon without restarting the game. Good Luck!

    • G. Johnson

      I am experiencing the exact same thing. What to do.

  4. Debbie

    I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for Candy Crush hints, tips etc…and this site offers the BEST support!! Thanks so much!


      Thanks for such enthousiastic feedback Debbie! Keep crushing!

  5. cindy

    I can manage to get rid of the chocolates and get plenty of stripes and candies but cannot get them together. by the end I have tons but wasn’t able to make the moves to get them next to each other. Any tips for this?

  6. Debbie

    I’ve completed level 65 but can’t seem to make it to the next level. People keep giving me unlock moves, but I don’t seem to go anywhere when I accept them.

  7. Justme79

    How come I’m only starting with 40 moves? All the other videos of this level has 50 moves. I’m stuck!!


      i guess the new version of this level is tougher.. and to tell you the truth, our poll on “The toughest Candy Crush Level” shows that this is the toughest level at the moment!

  8. yamaneko

    Anybody got 3 stars? Is it possible?

  9. Sylvia pickich

    I had beem having trouble with this level until I really started reading the tips. Clear the chocolate first. Then no more chocolate will form. Make the combos and blast the jelly. Thanks for the help!

    • Team

      great news sylvia! keep goin’

  10. Crystal Ellender

    I was stuck on level 65 for 3 months and I got it beat.i would play everyday lol.i love this I’m now level 68 and I can’t get it lol.goodluck everyone .i see it gets harder and harder.but I could never stop playin I love it lol.thank you candy crush people for making this game.

    • Team

      such a positive view! thanks for that :)

  11. muzainiah

    I have been stuck and frustrated at level 65 for many days . Could you please give me more easier board or skipped this level.

    • Team

      we are not the creators of the game.. we are just a support community!

  12. Cathy

    Why do some jellies break on the first try while others require multiple poppings?

  13. Kami

    I’m addicted to this game but level 65 might be my stopping point. Just can’t make it work out. Can’t count the number of times I’ve ended with 1-3 jellies remaining but they are all in the outside corners and not easy to eliminate. Color bombs, stripe bombs, I have all the techniques down and have even been really lucky on some tries but still…. Well it’s been fun while it lasted. I’m sure I’ll be back for more but I’m frustrated for sure.

    • candy

      you need to be patient, lucky and keep followin our tips.. if you do it, you will pass it :)

    • Kami

      I think I hate level 65. If I end up throwing my iPad into a pond I wonder if King will buy me another….

  14. Debbie Mannkopf

    Please help me I have bin trying and I can’t get it please help me

  15. Debbie Mannkopf

    What is the easyest way to get thought 65

  16. Trake

    I lucked out it seems only spent 2 days on this level I just happened two be able to make the big chocolate like bomb first move and made a yellow strip 2 moves later right next to it when I compiled them all the yellows turned into stripes and pretty much with 43 moves cleared 90 percent of the board for me after that was able to make one more chocolate bomb and cleared out the 4 remaining purple. All with 34 moves left to go. All I can say people make chocolate mobs as early as possible.

    • candy

      thanks for sharing your experience!

  17. Jennifer Young

    This isn’t helping because the begining of the board isn’t set up the same way that mine is- the candies are already in different positions then the tips board-. are you trying to frustrate us more? AND who make a game that people can’t complete? I know dozens of people that just gave up and moved on to Words with friends . At least u have a chance.

    • candy

      Do you realise we are not the creators of the game? We are just a support community and our tips have helped hundreds of Crushers. You can always stop playing!

      • Tracy

        I think the tips are a great idea, and they do help as well. I thank you for your time because you didn’t have to do this. I’m NOT one to “give up.” So, I’m going to keep trying. Many times, I’ve gotten so close as to having ONE candy left, which lets me know I’m very close. I’m not going to give up five minutes before my miracle. If others can do it, so can I. Again, I just wanted to say, “thank you” for helping out. It is greatly appreciated by me anyway.” And you’re so right Candy Crush, if it’s stressing people out that much, they can always STOP playing….hehehehehehe!!! God bless.

  18. Tracey

    When I have no moves left I am left with 2 same coloured candies flashing and a chocolate flashing indicating their is a matching coloured candy beneath but of course, you cannot use this move. I have to end this game manually…..why does it do this?
    Also, as someone else mentioned each outside corner coloured candy takes about 3 moves to remove all the jelly. Is this correct?

  19. Geertruida

    Oooh, you latest tips were PRETTY HELPFUL! Lets see what #66 is about!

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