Candy Crush Saga Level 70

Level 70 Candy Crush SagaTarget
Remove all Jelly and score 60,000 points.

1 star: 60000 points
2 stars: 110000 points
3 stars: 150000 points

The danger is the chocolate here overgrowing the right column of Jelly, so the best approach is to create horizontal striped candy and clear out the chocolate BEFORE breaking through the locked in pieces to make it easier to kill off the Jelly since once the chocolate grows over it, you don’t know what is what.

Walkthrough video and tips for Candy Crush Level 70. Watch it carefully and take advantage of our tips:

Thanks to Matthew Dean

More Candy Crush Level 70 Tips

  • Clearing the chocolate is your first goal in this level – focus on that
  • Make as much combo candies as possible
  • Get striped candies in the left side section and finally free the chocolate and cages in the right hand section. To get that feasible you need to make four in a row matches!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 70

Do not unlock the candies on the right until you have cleared the chocolate! A couple of well-placed horizontally striped candies can clear the chocolate rows, but better still is a striped/wrapped combo because it can clear 3 rows and if you aim it just right, you can unlock the candies at the same time. To drop the combo to the right level, make matches on the right hand side (again careful not to unleash the chocolate.) this level can be cleared if you have no choice but to release the chocolate, but it’s a battle.

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47 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 70”
  1. Mia

    FINALLY!!!! It took me three freaking days, but it finally happened. I finally passed level 70. It was by far the most complicated one. Strategy/tips helped, but you also need a ton of luck to beat this horrible level.


      Your right Mia luck does play a key factor in this game, but strategy is what helps us gain that luck in the first place! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Gillyh

    Passed it! I was only stuck for a day or so, then read your tips and concentrated on setting up horizontal striped candies bottom left, to get rid of the chocolate before blasting through the liquorice. it took a few attempts but I was getting close several times so knew it was achievable. Use the clock setting trick to get new lives, and there’s definitely no need to pay for anything (would never do that!)
    Don’t give up folks, it can be done!
    Thanks for the tips.


      Thank you for sharing and we’re glad we can help! Don’t forget to keep us posted and we hope we can get you all the way to level 500. Good Luck!

    • Judy

      What is the clock setting trick?

  3. Kris

    I passed this level one time and got one measly star, have not been able to pass at all since, believe me I’ve tried…I’ve passed 65 multiple times in a row but this one is bs

  4. Shirley

    Is there a way to make the candies go through the “portals” on the bottom of the left and come through the “portals” at the top of the right side? I have lost almost all interest because I have become so frustrated with this level. I have tried to follow your instructions as best I can.

  5. Ozycandias

    Finally! This level takes the most strategy & luck so far. 70 can blow-pop me. Almost ground my teeth to chicklets. Down to the last move. I feel sick to my jelly belly, but if you win it’s worthers it. Don’t make two moves in a row without studying the board. Be patient & think. Crushed you. Now give me some sugar, baby.


      I know the feeling Ozycandias (great nickname indeed)! Keep crushing!

  6. Traci

    All the people claiming these tips magically helped them beat the level are probably trolls being paid to post. Most of the tips here (and on other sites) are common sense. Like others have been saying, it doesn’t do much good when I can’t even get lucky enough to create combos. Combos and spending money are pretty much the only ways to beat it, and I refuse to spend a dollar on a boost that might HELP me beat it.


      This is quite funny! Let’s see.. the visitors comments are fake (payed comments :O ).. our Poll’s result that 58% of Candy Crushers aren’t paying even a cent for Candy Crush was also fake! And let me guess.. other companies polls which conclude more than 60% of Candy Crushers are not paying to pass a level are also fake? The whole world is fake? Everyone should make his own conclusions!

    • Shirley

      I think this is a “money maker” level. I finally gave in & tried to buy help. Now the dang thing won’t even let me buy those!

  7. Becky

    Finally after 4 long days!! Discovered your video and it was a great help to me! Once I conquered the chocolate, everything fell into place! I have to say level 70 has been one of the hardest for me! Thanks so much!


      You’re welcome Becky!

    • Shirley

      4 days??? More like 40 for me & I STILL can’t get through. Loosing interest.


        did you try to take advantage of all our tips? You need to read the whole discussion that took place here!!

  8. Cari in North Texas

    Your tips are well-intentioned and make sense. However, like so many other levels, it all depends on the luck of where and how the colors fall. If you can’t get the horizontal rows on the left to line up and delete the chocolate, this level CANNOT be solved. Period, end of discussion. This level may lead to my quitting the game, which disappoints me because up until now it was fun. Now it’s just frustrating.


      we won’t stop telling that luck is a major factor.. but you need to match it with a decent strategy in order to beat a tough level!

  9. Wendy

    Thank you for all your helpful tips. They ALWAYS help me! People are getting too frustrated. It’s mostly luck & eventually you make it. I haven’t passed 70 yet, I just came close–got all the jellies but didn’t reach the score. Oh well! Jut waiting for lives & I’ll keep trying. Keep up the good work! Remember everyone: it’s just a game! Relax :-)


      That’s the spirit Wendy! Thank you :)

      • Wendy

        Hey just passed level 70. It’ll happen people just play like the tips suggest! It’s mostly luck–all of a sudden you’ll beat it! Cheers!

      • Wendy

        You’re welcome. My pleasure :-)

  10. joann

    I am quitting this game because of level 70.. just not fun any more… should not be on a level for a month…I will not buy lives…. I might be glad to be done with this game…


      any luck with our tips?

  11. Jeananderson

    Just a comment. It is my belief that plaing a game like candy crush should be fin, not getting so stressed that my blood pressure rises. I do not understand why the people who created this game would want players to end up hating it so much that they quit. There should be a way to contact whomever it is that puts these levels togethe, they should LISTEN and get rid of them or do they get joy out of upsetting the players. They are going to end up losing money, because even hen players say they will not spend any money, they still do. But on a level such as 70, buying extras does NO GOOD!! When it is obvious there is no way to win, I just quit playing. SOMEONE needs to listen and do something, instead of trying to convince people that these strategy TIPS work when thy absolutely DO NOT!!! AMEN

    • Team

      Your statements would make sense if our tips weren’t able to help anybody! Please notice that we have 240 (!!) likes for the specific level’s tips! Which means they are definitely helpful!

  12. Rebecca Tai

    what are the pink whirls at the top of the right hand side?

    • Team

      its like a transportation gate.. the candies that fall through the blue whirls reappear through the pink whirls

  13. Sophia

    Thanks for the tips. I didn’t realize the horizontal candies were the way to go.

    • Team

      we are happy to help you :)

  14. jonijolie

    Yeah…if I can’t pass 70 soon my addiction will be broken! Maybe that’s a good thing! I used to look forward to playing candy crush, but now it’s just 1 more stress in my life! I can’t even match 3 sometimes because the candies all change. Even when I match 4 horizontally on the left, it doesn’t remove chocolate on the right. Soooo frustrating. Can’t you people fix some of these problems? Your comment asking have we tried your tips is getting old….sorry, not being negative, just honest! You need to address these issues please! Is it because there are glitches in my ipad?

    • Team

      whom are you talking to? we are just a support community, we are not the creators of the game! We can’t fix any issue :/

  15. Gerri

    I’m having too I tried tip they r helpful but still cannot pass 70

  16. Peg

    I am about to quit this game altogether, too. It is not fun anymore. I have read all the tips, even get down to 1 jelly many times but can’t pass Level 70.

  17. Bindra

    im stuckin 70 help me no match trip

    • candy

      did you take advantage of our strategy and tips?

  18. J

    Dear Crushing Candies,

    Stop acting as if what people are asking/complaining about can be fixed!

    This level, no matter what strategy or boosters you use, is only passable by PURE LUCK. Plain and simple.

    • candy

      our positive feedback shows that our tips and strategy are pretty helpful – don’t you see the 33 likes on this page? why you think they keep liking our tips?.. but you can continue moaning that everything is about luck.. its up to you!

      • J

        “But you can continue moaning”

        Mocking me is not “positive feedback” as you call it.

        And I never said that the tips you gave for this level, weren’t helpful. I said no matter what the tips you use, it’s all still based off of luck for this level.

        Because if The candies don’t fall in a matter to get enough, or ANY striped candies, you won’t be able to beat this level.

        • candy

          the 35 likes of this post and the hundreds we receive daily so we Do have positive feedback from visitors.

          And we are trying to explain that even if you are lucky, you won’t do it if you don’t follow a specific strategy along with a few helpful tips! We always mention that luck is always welcome in a game like candy crush, but you should have a strategy in order to pass each level.

  19. Karen D

    Once I run out of matches on the right side, is the game essentially over? Other than using the horizontally striped candies, is there any way to move the candies on the right? I can make matches all day long on the left!

    • candy

      you need to do horizontal matches on the left in order to beat the chocolate asap.. after this is done the whole thing will get much easier

  20. Raman

    I am also stuck on level 70. yeah I Also saw on the video switching candies that don’t match. I am not able to get any combos or a rainbow candy.

    • candy

      try to follow our tips.. they helped many of the people stuck on #70

  21. Janice

    level 70 ugh no where con you fnd any explanation as to the chocolates I think you just have to be lucky to pass this level we should be able to skip a level if we fail it 20 or more times

    • candy

      did you take the time to read about our strategy/tips?

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