Level 70 Candy Crush SagaTarget
Remove all Jelly and score 60,000 points.

1 star: 60000 points
2 stars: 110000 points
3 stars: 150000 points

The danger is the chocolate here overgrowing the right column of Jelly, so the best approach is to create horizontal striped candy and clear out the chocolate BEFORE breaking through the locked in pieces to make it easier to kill off the Jelly since once the chocolate grows over it, you don’t know what is what.

Walkthrough video and tips for Candy Crush Level 70. Watch it carefully and take advantage of our tips:

Thanks to Matthew Dean

More Candy Crush Level 70 Tips

  • Clearing the chocolate is your first goal in this level – focus on that
  • Make as much combo candies as possible
  • Get striped candies in the left side section and finally free the chocolate and cages in the right hand section. To get that feasible you need to make four in a row matches!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 70

Do not unlock the candies on the right until you have cleared the chocolate! A couple of well-placed horizontally striped candies can clear the chocolate rows, but better still is a striped/wrapped combo because it can clear 3 rows and if you aim it just right, you can unlock the candies at the same time. To drop the combo to the right level, make matches on the right hand side (again careful not to unleash the chocolate.) this level can be cleared if you have no choice but to release the chocolate, but it’s a battle.