Candy Crush Saga Level 73

Level 73 Candy CrushTarget
Remove all Jelly and score 30,000 points.

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 70000 points
3 stars: 100000 points

All the Jelly is under the chocolate, so the only ways to get to them are the vertical striped candy or a color bomb mixed with striped candy (your best bet) You only get 30 moves to break through to the bottom, and eliminate the chocolate and Jelly.

Are you stuck on Candy Crush Level 73? Why don’t you have a look at this useful video?

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 73

Use striped/wrapped combos here to break the chocolate—start where ever you can—you may need more than one. (Vertically striped candies will blast through the chocolate but don’t create a good deal of space and the chocolate will regrow quickly.)

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