Level 75 Candy Crush SagaTarget
Remove all Jelly and score 160,000 points.

1 star: 160000 points
2 stars: 190000 points
3 stars: 230000 points

It’s pretty straightforward here, remove all the Jelly, the hardest pieces are the ones at the bottom in the separate row and at the very top. When opportunities present themselves to remove those pieces go for it and use the striped candy to get the hard spots. The bottom row Jelly is single, the rest of the grid is double Jelly.

A good walkthrough video in order to complete Candy Crush Level 75

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 75

Since this is a “clear the jelly” level, striped/wrapped combos are best here to clean house. Any remaining jellies in the lower isolated row can be taken care of with vertically striped candy matches.