Candy Crush Saga Level 76

Level 76 Candy CrushTarget
Bring down the ingredients (3 cherries) and score 30,000 points.

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 60000 points
3 stars: 100000 points

The key here is to remember where pieces are going. They start in the bottom left corner, transport to the upper right, follow the column down and end in the upper left hand corner. It’s a long trip for the 3 cherries to make it all the way through, but no worries about points, the 3 cherries give you that.

Actually it is not a tough level!  But if you are really stuck on Candy Crush Level 76 the best thing to do is view this vid in order to realise the strategy we follow and also utilize our tips:

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Candy Crush Saga Level 76 Strategy

  • The flow is from bottom left to right and then to upper left!
  • Try combining the 2 special candies for the additional effect on the right section. After that the acorn will go to the top left section
  • You need to clear up the candy below the top left section fruits to make them drop and complete 3/3
  • While there are so many questions about the registration of the ingredients, we created the image below which clearly shows where the registration place is:
Candy Crush Level 76

Candy Crush Level 76 – The ingrediens are registered in the “arrows” area


The Candy Crush Level 76 Bug is not a bug!

During the last months we received thousands of messages from frustrated Candy Crushers mentioning that there is a bug, regarding the ingredients stuck on the bottom right. Actually this wasn’t a bug.. most players weren’t aware that candies flow from the bottom right to upper left and they need to move to the bottom of the upper left section in order to register (arrows). So when your ingredients reach the bottom right, you need to match candies on the upper left in order for the ingredients to move to upper left and register through the arrows! The following image clearly shows the candies flow (A->B->C)  that everyone should realise in order to beat the specific level:

The Candies Flow at Level 76

The Candies Flow at Level 76

If you want to further discuss about Candy Crush Level 76, please visit our forum thread

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 76

Work the upper left section to draw the candies down. Vertically striped candy matches will move the ingredients quickly and propel the ingredients out. (You’ll need vertically striped candy matches on both the left and right sides.)

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33 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 76”
  1. Jenny W ice

    Oh yes not clear at all on some levels but thank for the tips above/// I’ve always just tried to work it out for myself so first time googling c crush tips j :-)


      We’re glad our site could help you Jenny, but yes some of our tips may seem confusing as King has updated or changed their game levels but we are in the process of correcting them now with the help of our games guru Patricia :)

  2. kakylale

    I reached level 76 yesterday not realizing what i was about to encounter, like so many of the comments and posts I read above, I was having all of the same problems, I do not think there are any bugs or clitches just people needing a better understanding of what they are trying to accomplish. I like everyone else am in a hurry and want to complete each level to move on but sometimes you have to stop take a look at places such as this where advice is offered then you will get a better understanding of what you need to do, I read everything listed above and what do you know I cleared level 76 the first time after I read all of your problems and comments and the answers and suggestions provided. Thank you for your help!


      that’s exactly the point kakylale! Thanks for positive feedback.. keep goin

  3. Pamela W

    Currently on level 76. I have the followed tips and my ingredients have fallen through but they won’t register. Please help:)


      They need to fall through the bottom of the upper left part of the board

  4. Nancy R

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Passed it the 3rd time after reading the tips, etc!!

    • Team

      great news indeed! we are glad to being helpful

  5. Nancy R

    I am going to try this again, now that I know what the objective is!! Thanks!

    • Team

      You did it at last! That’s great!!

  6. JS Roy

    You rock! I have been able to clear a lot of levels with your help. That too without purchasing any boosters!
    Thanks a ton!

    • Team

      Our experts do a great job, i guess.. many thanks to matt and patricia

  7. MangoTango2013

    I have finally figured out what was missing from ALL the websites for Level 76 tips. I had no idea how the top left box figured into the picture. The videos don’t help because screens change and the moves aren’t explained.

    1. Candies move from the bottom left section UP to the far right section and down to the bottom, then over to the top left section, and then have to move to the bottom of that section, and out the bottom.
    2. Look at what column the cherries/chestnuts are in on the bottom left section.
    3. Work on getting those items thru the system rather than blindly making matches.
    5. Do NOT make any moves in the top left section just yet, otherwise, when you get the cherries/chestnuts to the bottom of the right hand box, they will stay there and not move if there are no moves left in the upper left hand box.
    6. I agonized over this for 2 weeks and thought it was a bug in the game.
    7. Now that the cherries/chestnuts are at the bottom, see what moves you can make in the top left box; this will make room for the cherries/chestnuts.
    8. If there are not enough moves in the top left section, work on getting horizontal striped candy matches at the TOP of the right hand section (I know, it’s really tough). It’s pointless to get matches at the bottom because they won’t affect the top left box.

    • Team

      thanks for sharing your detailed tips :)

  8. Lindymae

    Read the tips and passed this one on the 2nd try!

    • candy

      thanks for positive feedback

  9. Brenda Peterson

    Mine are going down but not registering.

    What do I fo?

    • candy

      i guess its stuck on bottom right? if yes its a bug!

  10. kami

    Can someone clarify tip 3above about clearing the candy in the lower left section.? Clearing the lower left section on my game does not make the upper left section drop. As a matter of fact I haven’t figured out makes the upper left drop. It stays the same always making matches almost impossible and completely dependent on color stripes on the right column.

    On a positive note, I found a level a hate more than 65!

  11. Angie

    Just play left ypper corner won first time.

    • candy

      Thank you for positive feedback Angie!

  12. Pauline

    Same problem!! Acorns drop but don’t register. Purchased more lives and still no success. Have purchased more lives several times and still nothing happens. I will stop playing this game playing this game like so many of my friends

  13. Dess

    I have had the fruits start on the left side (upper) and go to the lower right side. They then come back to the upper left. I even watched the fruit counter and it never changed. I was well passed 30000 points also.

    • candy

      which device are you playing on?

  14. Melissa

    I have gotten all three acorns to the bottom but they won’t fall and I lose. I have tried everything to make them and it won’t work. HELP!

    • candy

      You need to make them fall on the upper left side of the board (where there are a few arrows, on the PC version)

  15. Tina

    I find that the only time fruit will register is if it falls through in the upper left corner, but then you rarely get any moves unless you get combos over in the top right corner that blows all the way across to the left which will sometimes line up moves in the top left corner. Not enough moves and can spend the entire 5 lives and not move any fruit at all…frustrating to say the least.

    • candy

      you ‘re right, you need the fruits to fall in the upper left corner in order to register! Watch our video and find how we do it :)

  16. NellyThomas

    literally, i can’t believe this level is passable!

    • candy

      Did you follow our tips? No help at all??

      • NellyThomas

        oops feeling embarassement now.. yes your tip on the fruits was SO MUCH helpful! THANK YOU Crushingcandies!!!

    • Bill

      I wished there was some skill involved in these harder levels like 76
      lets face it the top left gets locked up with no moves possible. The game is impossible to beat This isn’t the only level where pure luck is needed. If money is what you after at least give us a solution to the problem. If to many people drop out because they are frustrated with your game it will lose life. Its obvious many are having problems. You have a good thing smart people continue to prosper if they listen and make corrections. Thanks


        I am not sure you read our tips/suggestions/notices on the specific level!

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