Level 76 Candy CrushTarget
Bring down the ingredients (3 cherries) and score 30,000 points.

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 60000 points
3 stars: 100000 points

The key here is to remember where pieces are going. They start in the bottom left corner, transport to the upper right, follow the column down and end in the upper left hand corner. It’s a long trip for the 3 cherries to make it all the way through, but no worries about points, the 3 cherries give you that.

Actually it is not a tough level!  But if you are really stuck on Candy Crush Level 76 the best thing to do is view this vid in order to realise the strategy we follow and also utilize our tips:

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Candy Crush Saga Level 76 Strategy

  • The flow is from bottom left to right and then to upper left!
  • Try combining the 2 special candies for the additional effect on the right section. After that the acorn will go to the top left section
  • You need to clear up the candy below the top left section fruits to make them drop and complete 3/3
  • While there are so many questions about the registration of the ingredients, we created the image below which clearly shows where the registration place is:
Candy Crush Level 76

Candy Crush Level 76 – The ingrediens are registered in the “arrows” area


The Candy Crush Level 76 Bug is not a bug!

During the last months we received thousands of messages from frustrated Candy Crushers mentioning that there is a bug, regarding the ingredients stuck on the bottom right. Actually this wasn’t a bug.. most players weren’t aware that candies flow from the bottom right to upper left and they need to move to the bottom of the upper left section in order to register (arrows). So when your ingredients reach the bottom right, you need to match candies on the upper left in order for the ingredients to move to upper left and register through the arrows! The following image clearly shows the candies flow (A->B->C)  that everyone should realise in order to beat the specific level:

The Candies Flow at Level 76

The Candies Flow at Level 76

If you want to further discuss about Candy Crush Level 76, please visit our forum thread

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 76

Work the upper left section to draw the candies down. Vertically striped candy matches will move the ingredients quickly and propel the ingredients out. (You’ll need vertically striped candy matches on both the left and right sides.)