Candy Crush Saga Level 79

Candy Crush Level 79Target

Remove all Jelly and score 100,000 points in 40 moves. Yellows are disappeared after the last update!

1 star: 100000 points
2 stars: 120000 points
3 stars: 180000 points

It’s getting a whole lot more complicated now with everything involved. The 3 white blocks are Jelly pieces, all the top half Jelly is doubles, and the bottom has 8 locked in pieces and a couple chocolates and the single transporter from the top to the bottom 2 squares. If you can pull off a vertical striped candy in the middle column, that would be ideal. Kill off the chocolate and once you can then start cleaning up the top lines once that is clear. The 3 hardest pieces are in the middle under the white blocks, as it is difficult to get anything in there to match it, so use the horizontal and vertical striped candies for it.

After the last update the yellows are removed, while you have only 40 moves (instead of 50) to score 100000!

Watch this video for Candy Crush Level 79! It will help you beat the level!

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Candy Crush Level 79 Tips

  • You shouldn’t waste your chocolate bombs with no reason and match them with striped candies if poss to achieve maximum advantage!
  • Before releasing the chocolate bomb its crucial to look at your next couple of moves and realise if you can set up a move to eliminate at least some of the chocolate so it doesn’t take over – generally speaking, the chocolate should be eliminated as soon as possible.
  • Wrapped Candies are proved to deliver miracles in this level
  • If you don’t have many combo opportunities you should work on the bottom of the board and take advantage of the cascade effect
  • Tough level, you need to be patient in order to complete it! We were stuck in this level for 12 days! So we kept trying and trying and then suddenly luck visited us and we did it!

You can also visit our forum (right here) in order to provide your feedback/questions/tips regarding level 79

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 79

If you don’t like battling chocolate, leave the candies locked until you’ve cleared out a lot of the upper jellies and have some special candies at the ready. Or, if you can, try for a vertically striped candy match in any of the 3 center columns to try to wipe out the chocolate early.

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31 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 79”
  1. Chris

    What does “jelly are doubles” mean?

  2. Lori

    I load the level, examine the layout, then if i can’t find
    a way to get a chocolate bomb within 2-3 moves, i go out and reload it until i get a good layout. It doesn’t cost you a life and it’s much less frustrating to at least have a chance of success. I’ve been on for two days and have gotten close several times.


      yes this is a good hint! hope you will soon beat it!

    • Betty

      How do you “reload” and not use your lives.


        as marge said: To restart on I-pad without losing life, hit symbol on lower left where you can mute music. There is a door with an arrow. Press that and if you haven’t played, you will exit without losing a life

  3. pablo

    Why don’t two color bombs do anything to the chocolate? Throw me a bone here candy crush.

  4. Aly Kat V.

    Passed level 79 … first try. I’m a boss. Lol

    • Team

      great news, keep walkin

  5. Lisa

    I had been stuck on level 79 for several days and had FINALLY got rid off all the chocolate and cleared all the jelly . I was so excited to have finally cleared the level (so I thought). And the game then said that all the jelly was not cleared. This was not the first time this happened to me throughout my time playing CCS. So to all those playing CCS , CCS cheats. STOP playing this game !!!!!!

    • Team

      did you really remove all jellies? The 3 white blocks are Jelly pieces, all the top half Jellies are doubles, and the bottom has 8 locked in pieces and a couple chocolates and the single transporter from the top to the bottom 2 squares.

  6. Kim

    I noticed the chocolate will stay “fenced in” by the blocked candies, as long as you don’t disturb them. That way, you can work on the top without being taken over by chocolate. Just let the “fenced in” area fill with chocolate first. I tried this, then got a chocolate bomb/striped candy combo, which took everything out but the two jellies in the middle. Had 28 moves left, and still couldn’t get those two jellies!! So frustrating, and unnecessarily hard! The difficulty of this level is taking all the fun out of it. Thank you for your tips, though. They’re very helpful and have gotten me through many levels up to this one.

    • Team

      keep trying.. thanks for positive feedback

  7. Chuck

    You have to be able to make the striped and wrapped candies! You can’t! I’m lucky once every few days, but never enough to beat the level; barely to clear that damned chocolate…

  8. tim

    I have got to the level were it ask for tickets I click on it and it comes up ask friends or buy. I click ask friends but my friends list dose not show up it just disappears. im playing on internet explorer is their a setting I have to change? I have deleted my history nothing. my friends say they are not getting my request any help would be appreciated. same thing on farm heros I cant send for tickets….

  9. Reesh Al Reesh

    Hi really 2 weeks am stuck at the level 147 pleez help me…. Thanx

  10. Maureen

    It was fun for a while and its a shame they made this level so hard. Been at it everyday for a week and there is NO way am I spending another minute on this. Level of frustration off the charts. Tips of no help whatsoever!!!

    • candy

      sorry to read this.. :/

  11. Sarah

    The tips didnt help. I am still stuck

    • candy

      sorry to read this.. you need to be patient and try harder

  12. Susan Flynn

    Watched the video. I noticed candies being switched that don’t match. I cannot do that unless I have 3, 4 or 5 of the same color. An orange one was swtiched with a green to make a striped candy. Many of these videos show candies being switch not matching. What gives. Thanks for your help. By the way, love the game.

    • candy

      did you try to utilize our tips?

      • Susan Flynn

        I did and read others tips also. Stuck for 3 weeks now. I watched video again and candies are being switched that don’t match. How do you do that? This game is addictive. Got about 12 more people involved and they are crazy about the game. Can we get more lollipops every few levels. That would be great. Anyway, thanks for your response.

  13. LmcIn

    Wow I was stuck for a few days. Read your tips
    And cleared.

    • candy

      Thanks you for positive feedback :) Sharing your experience is pretty useful/valueable

  14. Amy

    Also, I’m not sure how the tips that you provided help with this level as you did not use any chocolate bombs to beat the level. The tips you gave are basic things that anyone who has gotten to this point would be trying anyway.

    • candy

      we will try to update the tips section pretty soon in order to give more sophisticated guidance!

  15. Amy

    Actually the blue halo at the top is a portal that leads to the pink one at the bottom. It does have an impact on the lower rows. When you clear the bottom rows the blue portal is how those two blocks are filled.

  16. Laura

    Your video doesn’t show any chocolate being added as you’re playing. How do you do that? I get your tips but the chocolate keeps taking over on me. How do you stop the chocolate!!

    • candy

      Which device are you playing on?

  17. Deborah

    What is the blue halo in the middle square of the second row, does that help with something?

    • candy

      its like a well where the candies fall through! So there is no impact for the lower rows

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