Candy Crush Level 79Target

Remove all Jelly and score 100,000 points in 40 moves. Yellows are disappeared after the last update!

1 star: 100000 points
2 stars: 120000 points
3 stars: 180000 points

It’s getting a whole lot more complicated now with everything involved. The 3 white blocks are Jelly pieces, all the top half Jelly is doubles, and the bottom has 8 locked in pieces and a couple chocolates and the single transporter from the top to the bottom 2 squares. If you can pull off a vertical striped candy in the middle column, that would be ideal. Kill off the chocolate and once you can then start cleaning up the top lines once that is clear. The 3 hardest pieces are in the middle under the white blocks, as it is difficult to get anything in there to match it, so use the horizontal and vertical striped candies for it.

After the last update the yellows are removed, while you have only 40 moves (instead of 50) to score 100000!

Watch this video for Candy Crush Level 79! It will help you beat the level!

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Candy Crush Level 79 Tips

  • You shouldn’t waste your chocolate bombs with no reason and match them with striped candies if poss to achieve maximum advantage!
  • Before releasing the chocolate bomb its crucial to look at your next couple of moves and realise if you can set up a move to eliminate at least some of the chocolate so it doesn’t take over – generally speaking, the chocolate should be eliminated as soon as possible.
  • Wrapped Candies are proved to deliver miracles in this level
  • If you don’t have many combo opportunities you should work on the bottom of the board and take advantage of the cascade effect
  • Tough level, you need to be patient in order to complete it! We were stuck in this level for 12 days! So we kept trying and trying and then suddenly luck visited us and we did it!

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Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 79

If you don’t like battling chocolate, leave the candies locked until you’ve cleared out a lot of the upper jellies and have some special candies at the ready. Or, if you can, try for a vertically striped candy match in any of the 3 center columns to try to wipe out the chocolate early.