Candy Crush Level 82Target
Bring down the ingredients (3 acorns, 2 cherries) and score 75,000 points.

1 star: 75000 points
2 stars: 100000 points
3 stars: 125000 points

35 moves to clear out the spinner blocks and get the ingredients down to the bottom is a tall task. Vertical striped candies will help you out the most here. The trick here is the transporters at the bottom bring anything not crushed in the column right back to the top, so do your best to destroy the spinners and not just move them down and don’t worry about powerups going back to the top, it is advantageous.

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Thanks to Matthew Dean

Candy Crush Level 82 Tips

  • The specific level is MUCH harder in iPad/iPod/iPhone comparing to the PC/Facebook version so you need to connect your iPad/iPod/iPhone with your facebook account, beat the level on PC and then continue with the next level on iOS device.
    Why is this so important? Because we noticed that while on the PC any horizontal match pushes all the columns down that definitely doesn’t happen on iOS. This means that you rarely clear any of the liquorice. So you should definitely do it on the PC!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 82

Pop the licorice whirls out of your way by making matches next to them. You can also move them (they are not blocks–they are moveable) just like any other candies. But if you simply move them, then they will go through the teleports and return to muck up the board a second time. (More licorice whirls may appear during play if you pop them out of your way, but not to the extent as they were initially when play started.) Special candies will only move 1 licorice whirl so don’t waste them trying. Try clearing the licorice from a column or two and then use vertically striped candy matches to move the ingredients out.

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