Candy Crush Saga Level 82

Candy Crush Level 82Target
Bring down the ingredients (3 acorns, 2 cherries) and score 75,000 points.

1 star: 75000 points
2 stars: 100000 points
3 stars: 125000 points

35 moves to clear out the spinner blocks and get the ingredients down to the bottom is a tall task. Vertical striped candies will help you out the most here. The trick here is the transporters at the bottom bring anything not crushed in the column right back to the top, so do your best to destroy the spinners and not just move them down and don’t worry about powerups going back to the top, it is advantageous.

Stuck on Candy Crush Level 82? Here you can find a walkthrough video and tips you can take advantage of:

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Candy Crush Level 82 Tips

  • The specific level is MUCH harder in iPad/iPod/iPhone comparing to the PC/Facebook version so you need to connect your iPad/iPod/iPhone with your facebook account, beat the level on PC and then continue with the next level on iOS device.
    Why is this so important? Because we noticed that while on the PC any horizontal match pushes all the columns down that definitely doesn’t happen on iOS. This means that you rarely clear any of the liquorice. So you should definitely do it on the PC!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 82

Pop the licorice whirls out of your way by making matches next to them. You can also move them (they are not blocks–they are moveable) just like any other candies. But if you simply move them, then they will go through the teleports and return to muck up the board a second time. (More licorice whirls may appear during play if you pop them out of your way, but not to the extent as they were initially when play started.) Special candies will only move 1 licorice whirl so don’t waste them trying. Try clearing the licorice from a column or two and then use vertically striped candy matches to move the ingredients out.

For further discussion on Candy Crush Level 82 you should visit our forum thread for Level 82

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55 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 82”
  1. Cindy

    got through the first try with 17 moves left on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and got all 3 stars.


      That sounds impressive for sure!


    Just added Patricia’s Tips for Candy Cruh Level 82!

  3. DianeB

    Level 82 isn’t working on my pc. The licorice does not move correctly. (Love the game. ) Is this something that can be corrected on your end? I’ve read all the tips, not sure they are helpful in this instance. Any other suggestions?

  4. Karen Koldyk

    I tried this about a dozen times on my laptop with no luck, then switched to my android tablet annd got a huge score beating all 800 of my friends. I couldnt believe it as the candy kept falling! Thanks again for a great site!


      We are so happy to be helpful! Thank you so much for positive feedback

  5. 100r0bh

    I am having issue solving this on FB with PC. I have tried on multiple browsers. The licorice does not budge in the middle but moves only on the edges. Any suggestons ?

    • Patrick G

      I have the same problem. I do not think it can be solved without those middle columns falling like in the video . Seems more people are starting to have the same problem.
      very frustrating.

  6. Natrina

    I am having this problem on my laptop (pc) I am seeing everyone post about their mobile devices not working and then gettin on pc and gettin it done easy but no go for me… I can only get the portals to work on the edges and not the middle… any suggestions? please help! ^_^

    • BabaYaga

      I have that same problem!

      Follow the tip given above by Leanne – play only on the left and right so much as you can, and the fruit will eventually go down. After following this tip, I managed a star after only another 4 games. Not much on the record, but at least it’s out of the way.

      • Team

        great news babayaga :) keep walkin

  7. jeff

    The ios bug is fixed in the latest update, update your app if you are having this issue.

    • Team

      thanks for updating us :)

  8. Michaela

    Acorns and cherries are going through on level 66 but don’t get counted!!!! I’m using Ipad 3.

    • Team

      do you mean level 76?

  9. candy addict

    What if I don’t have a Facebook account, and don’t want to create one either? Is there an option for someone who doesn’t Facebook at all?

    • candy

      as i answered to other crushers, i would rather play it in a friend’s facebook and then i would continue with your iOS or android device

  10. Vondell Savage

    I just passed level 82 on an iPad 1. I could not use a PC. I followed the hint given here to work the right side first. I ended up clearing all the licorice. I did not have to use any boosters or extra moves. Nothing special. It can be done! I didn’t think I’d make it because I only reached 65,000 points, but the sugar crush put me over 85,000, so just keep your fingers crossed.

    • candy

      luck is always welcome!!

  11. kayb

    Thank u for your advice Candy.
    I was able to borrow a friends computer and was successful. With level 82 with the first try
    What I find dissapointing. Is I had to do that to move on
    Is candy crush going to improve there service for iPad and iPhones ????
    Playing on the computer was completely different. From iPad

    • candy

      totally agree Kayb! The game should be similar on both PC and other devices! And yes, its disappointing! Hope they will improve the iOS experience

  12. Leanne

    Can I just say guys that level 82 is possible on iOS I completed it today on my iPhone 5 all I did was cleared a little of the black candy on the left and right and played the rows to the side of the fruit eventually they dropped down the column I had cleared, all my fruit fell down to the right side, all though I didnt get a good score, by the time I had cleared the fruit I had not reached the 1st star mark my remaining moves pushed the score up for me to pass the level.

    • candy

      Good to read this! Well done leanne! Thank you for your comment!

      • BabaYaga

        I followed this tip and finally beat the thing. I had almost given up playing Candy Crush. Got only one star, but at least it’s out of the way.

        BUT – I’m playing on my PC. It does that same thing – not moving down in the middle columns. They should fix this!!

  13. luvlyleggs

    WOW, i followed the tip…logged on to my laptop and passed level 82 on the first try….yaaay!!!

    • candy

      pretty cool! thanks for updating us!

  14. Diann

    I noticed that sometimes the fruit will go down but won t get counted. Why. I m using an I pad and playing on fb

    • candy

      this is a bug frequently reported :/

      • Henrik

        But obviously not often enough to get you to fix it on iOS. Well, I am off this game until the correct update comes to my iPad. Great customer service, by the way!

  15. Erika

    WOW. I almost gave up on candy crush because of this level. Found this tip, synced my facebook with it….and just like everyone else beat on the first try with a ridiculously high score!! I got up to make a sandwich while it was finishing itself up lol! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    PS: I love this font!! What is it called? :D

    • candy

      so happy our tips are proved to be pretty helpful! don’t forget to have a look at our tips in the next level you will get stuck on

  16. candy

    Thanks for sharing this Irene!

  17. Irene

    I used 2 x multi balls together.

  18. candy

    you can probably pass the level on PC of a friend or something and then continue on Mac :/

  19. Cristy Barham

    Shoot…I have an iPhone and a Mac. I may be stuck forever!!!

  20. Oboo

    Sorry to sound thick but does this PC tip include Apple Mac ?

    • candy

      Hello Oboo

      If you play the game on Apple Mac you will face the same problems with the rest of the iOs devices!

  21. Joyce

    Hmz… Should have asked earlier… i managed to beat it after 1 day on the iPad, yay!

    • candy

      Great news, good to read this :)

  22. Joyce

    I am not on Facebook :-( So how do I beat this level? My fruit always ends up in the middle where it should be on the sides. Anyone, please?

    • candy

      what we suggest is to connect your FB account on your iOS, play the specific level on PC, beat it and then continue playing on iOS

  23. android user

    You dont need to go on facebook to beat this level its pretty simple if you ask me if you keep the ingredients on one side of the board and focus n that side they will fall to the bottom i beat this level on my lg optimus g after it took me awhile to figure it out this hint of go on facebook is bs

    • candy

      its good to hear that! But for people playing on iOS the differences between PC and iOS version are pretty significant. Look at the facebook comment sections (Shawn’s comment)

  24. Becky

    Whoa! Thanks for tip! Much easier!

    • candy

      good to hear that :) thanks for the positive comment

  25. meow

    This really helped me after failing on my android for at least 30-40 times. Beat it the first try on facebook! thanks!

    • candy

      We are happy this helped! Thank for updating us!

  26. JB

    I am trying to do the above tip but since it’s my first download on facebook it’s trying to get me to start at level one (not 82). How can I skip to 82? Thanks!!!

    • candy

      You need to connect your fb account with your iOS device before you can play level 82 in your PC

      • kayb

        I have. Done that. But has made no difference. Cannot get pass 82. Getting a little frustrated. As I don’t have a PC. Only iPad 4

        • candy

          try to play it on a Friend’s PC

  27. candy

    Hehe, i wonder why you ask instead you act. Yes your progress will be tracked!

  28. Tom Anderson

    Are you sure that if i connect my fb account to my iPad my progress on PC will be tracked and will be able to move to the next level?

  29. MinaL

    is it only me that face BIG troubles with this level on iPhone? played more than 100 times and not able to pass it yet!

    • candy

      follow our tip, it will help you :)

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