Level 84 Candy Crush SagaTarget
Score 15,000 points in 90 seconds.

1 star: 15000 points
2 stars: 30000 points
3 stars: 40000 points

Not an incredibly challenging level, but again a timed level, so you have to keep moving fast. There is nothing holding you back here, but removing the spinner pieces will allow more candy pieces to be on the board to match. Match up the +5 candies to throw 5 more seconds on the clock in the upper left.

What about beating Candy Crush Level 84? Just watch our walkthough and you wil find how:

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 84

The hardest part here is seeing through the licorice whirls to make special candies. You need to make matches to remove them and make all the striped and wrapped candies you can.