Candy Crush Saga Level 88

Level 88 Candy Crush SagaTarget
Clear all the Jelly and score 50,000 points.

1 star: 50000 points
2 stars: 75000 points
3 stars: 100000 points

The tough part here is all the Jelly to be removed is in separate columns and the transporters dump the spinners in the main play area as you clear them. Striped horizontal candies will get you through this in 40 moves, but make them whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you get lucky enough to score a vertical candy in the outer columns do everything you can to destroy it so it clears the whole column as all of the Jelly pieces are double. The hardest pieces to remove are the top and bottom pieces of Jelly in both columns.

Watch our helpful walkthrough for Candy Crush Level 88! Take advantage of it in order to beat it:

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Candy Crush Saga Level 88 Tips

Try elaborate the tactic followed in the video or take advantage of the strategy we present below:

  • First you need to play on the edges of the main part of the screen
  • Use combos and specials in order to get the jelly
  • When licorice is gone and the columns are full of candies make some line of three or four!
  • You need to fire a combo of color bomb and striped  before all striped color candies are gone and if you are lucky you will get a vertical line blast!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips For Candy Crush Level 88

As you make matches on the center board, the licorice whirls drain out of the columns into the center. Use a color bomb/striped candy combo to clear a lot of the jellies. Horizontally striped candy matches can take care of any left.

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19 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 88”
  1. almir

    Mi piace divertente

  2. Lynn

    Sometimes I just keep playing….not knowing what the heck I am doing….and “dumb luck” kicks in and I win. :-) How is that for a strategy?


      Thousands of crushers have done thousands of levels following this strategy :P

  3. Renee

    I wished someone would explain this level a bit more I have been stuck on it forever. I have followed the tips very closely and do not even come close to crush the candies on the 2 very outside columns. One person says to start in the center and clear the licorice and the next person says to start on the outside columns. It’s very confusing to say the least. I like this game but there are others out there that try to explain things a bit better.


      Usually there are more than one strategy to follow in order to beat a level! Probably all of them work! Be patient and keep crushing!

  4. Lisa Beiger

    I finally understand the candies in the left & right columns drop into the play board in the middle after all the licorice is gone. How do they get into those columns? I’ve tried to watch as the drop out of the middle play board but is not making sense! I have read the tops, watched the vid’s, & I just don’t get how to beat Lvl 88!

  5. Cece

    I discovered that this level is all about cascades and special candies. There’s not much strategy in this level in The way of planning. The best way to beat it is to play the outer columns of the big center column and create as many cascades as possible, this allows for a greater chance that the right candy combinations will fall in the jelly columns. After being stuck for a day I tried that and it finally worked!


      good tip cece! thanks for sharing!

  6. Roniece Newman

    On the 2 outside columns where all the jellies are…which inside columns do they drop from? Maybe if I understood that I could make wiser plays.

  7. Tans

    Surely there must be a strategy? Have read the tips but what columns feed into the outer desperate ones? How do we control what gets dropped in there or is it just random?
    I think I need this explained in a simpler format!

  8. cwagccms

    This level doesn’t make sense for me. Try to make combos but it never works like the walk through.

  9. Sue

    I think we need more step by step help to get this

    • Team

      we will try to update the tips section asap

  10. Sam

    Anyone else getting the horizontal striped candies only working on one side? Even if it is in the middle line it will only get rid of jelly on one side of the board not both.

  11. Amy

    Well here’s my question….they are called transporters and spinners, I get that the transporters are frustrating! But, what is the purpose of the spinners, what exactly is it that they do? They don’t seem TOO troublesome, and now it’s nice to know they’re licorice…never noticed that before, always kind of reminded me of the stove top things? lol!
    Ugh this level is another that has gotten me stuck >.<

  12. dina

    I want to know the same thing as clair, what are spinners and transporters?

    • chante'

      the spinners is the black licorice on the sides and the transporters are on the ends/tops of the columns allowing candy to drop from one column to the next

  13. Claire

    I don’t understand this level, even after reading the tips and watching the video:( I know I’m suppose to clear the double jellies, what are the spinners and transporters? Don’t know how I’ve manged to get this far without knowing that!! Lol

  14. Mayb

    LEVIL. 88. Any tips for plaing on IPAD

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