Level 90 Candy Crush SagaTarget
Bring the ingredients down (1 acorn, 1 cherry) and score 30,000 points.

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 45000 points
3 stars: 65000 points

Another tricky column level. In 30 moves you have to get 2 ingredients all the way through the maze of candy. Grabbing vertical matches is just as good as ripping through the columns with a horizontal striped candy, so when you can keep it moving. Bear in mind at the end you will have to get the ingredient in the middle to get it to go through the exit portal.

If stuck on Candy Crush Level 90 we have the best solution for you. Watch this video and beat it:

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Candy Crush Level 90 Tips

  • The flow is from left to right and the exit area  is on the bottom right arrow spot
  • When the Fruits (cherries etc) get in the right 3-column area you need to keep them in the middle column
  • You should try for matches on the right 3-column area in order to grab the benefits of a mini cascade effect (the fruits will advance at least 3 places)

Patricia Frederick’s Tips For Candy Crush Level 90

When the ingredient gets to the second last column, try playing the center only (on the right board) to avoid the ingredient falling into any other column but the center one—that’s the only exit.