Candy Crush Saga Level 95

Level 95 Candy Crush SagaTarget
Bring the ingredients down (1 acorn, 1 cherry) and score 50,000 points to win this level!

1 star: 50000 points
2 stars: 75000 points
3 stars: 100000 points

The tough part here is negotiating the landscape of this level. With one missing spot you have to move the ingredients over to get them to the lower transporter. Once it hits the transporter, you need striped candy to help get it down and out.

Candy Crush Level 95 is a hard-to-beat level but you can do it by following our tips and walkthrough guide:

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Candy Crush Saga Level 95 Tips

The same old tactic should be followed here:

  • Get a color bomb
  • Then get a striped candy
  • Mix the color bomb and the stripped candy
  • Repeat this strategy as many times as possible

Patricia Frederick’s Tips For Candy Crush Level 95

Use vertically striped candy matches to get the ingredients through the teleports, and then horizontally striped candy matches to get them through the exits.

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16 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 95”
  1. Ken Hoffman

    I have a target goal of 105760. Seems like a high and odd amount. Any thoughts?


      ?? The target is at 50000 :/ What’s going on?

  2. Rapunzel209

    The darn ingrediant always gets stuck right in middle and I have pushed it through the first teleport but I do not know how I did it?

  3. Kim Satira

    I have no trouble getting the fruit down but I am always short on points.
    Please help. Is there a trick?

  4. sandie blackford

    I have passed 100,000 points twice but the game does not move to level 96


      you need to also receive three tickets in order to advance to level 96

      • Cheryl

        I have only gotten to the screen to get a ticket once. How are you supposed to get three? Can you only succeed if you use Facebook or pay money?

  5. Karen

    I have been able to get fruit out twice but always short on points by about 500
    Please help me

  6. Stephany

    I was laughing at the comments, saying yeah right. But seriously after reading the tips I cleared the level too on just one try. Thanks!

    • Team

      this is great news.. thanks for the positive feedback

  7. April

    I CAN NOT GET LEVEL 95 the candy is dropping but not Registering

    • Team

      did you follow matthew’s strategy???

  8. Tonya

    mines wont even register after dropping thru transport it puts them back in the game…grrrr

    • Team

      you need to make them fall through the arrows in order to register..

  9. bobsscgirl

    Why don’t ingredients dropping show in the count?

    • candy

      you need to make them fall through the registration arrows

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