Candy Crush Saga Level 97

Candy Crush Level 97Target
Score 100,000 points in 25 moves.

1 star: 100000 points
2 stars: 115000 points
3 stars: 120000 points

Points are at a premium here and you have 8 move bombs to deal with as well. The majority of your moves need to be 4 match or color bomb moves. Try to get the striped candies set in the middle so they maximize the amount of points scored. Integrating the bombs into the matches is integral to scoring enough points in so few moves.

Another tough level! If you want to beat Candy Crush Level 97 you should watch our walkthrough video and follow our tips:

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Candy Crush Level 97 Strategy

  • Like in many other levels this is much easier if played on the PC rather than on iOS devices. Be careful, you need to connect your FB account with your iOS device before playing Candy Crush on your PC in order for your progress to be tracked down! Level 97 is easier on the PC while there i no yellow on the board!
  • Combine striped candies with speckled special ball or wrapped & striped candies (another classic tip).

Beside you can visit our forum topic on level 97 for further discussion

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 97

Keep clearing the board! The toughest part of the level is racking up the points you need. Try a variety of things for that: a color bomb matched with a move bomb or a even a wrapped candy, striped/wrapped combos, 2 color bombs…whatever you do, you need to constantly keep new candies (and yes new bombs) dropping into the playing field to get those points). Try to leave specials on the board when the moves end to raise your score even more.

Before you start making moves, look into the very upper right—that’s where the bombs can get stuck. You need to make striped/wrapped combos here to keep clearing the board and removing the bombs to attain the points to pass the level.

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58 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 97”
  1. Andrew

    I have been on Lvl 97 (ipad) for weeks now also. Tried all sorts of things… ie. various bomb/striped/sprinkled combos in the centre of board, saving lots of specials for end of game for extra points etc. I can’t get over 85,000 pts no matter what. The tips here are all common sense things, & I find even with the best moves, the score bonuses are just too low. Obviously it’s possible to complete without using $, but no doubt its by far the hardest level so far in the game for me.


      nooone doubts that 97 is tough! If you ask me Pat’s tips are very helpful in this case! Keep trying Andrew, you will soon do it!

  2. alan lorenzo

    Alan lorenzo

  3. sonia

    Yes…plz explain why it’s easier on PC to beat level 97 as oppose to playing on my mobile andriod… matter what combination you try or how ever many you try, it does NOT generate lots of points…bummer!

  4. Darla

    Luck of the draw!

  5. spiritoflotus

    Why is level 97 easier on a PC.? Has anyone won without paying? I’m finding it impossible. I combined 2 speckled special candies 3 separate times and still lost all three games. Followed all the tips. I think it’s time to find another game to play. I love a challenge, but this is ridiculous. 97 makes 65 look like a cake walk. Adios fellow crushers. I feel like I’m just wasting my time.


      But it’s true, i know more than a hundred people that pass 97 without spending even a cent! In any case, if you feel tired i guess you should try another game!

      • spiriitoflotus

        Now I know why. The game is much, much easier when you play it on FaceBook from a PC. I was playing on an iPad before. I was stuck for days, if not weeks – I lost count. I had every candy combo in the book, including the coveted double sprinkled special candies (not once, but three times) and could not win. In just two tries on PC/FaceBook, I got over 130,000 points. Please explain this.


          you should take this into consideration generally when playing candy crush.. if you find it difficult to beat it on mobile you should do it on PC


    Tips’ section updated

  7. Grace

    I’m stuck for level 97 for 3weeks now….please help…


      did you try to take advantage of Matt’s tips?

  8. Joyce

    Why can I not play all 25 moves in level 97?


      because the bombs explode before when their timer reaches zero

  9. Ken

    I watched the walk through. On the 7th move, the score jumps from 12000 to 75000. How is that possible?

  10. lerna riza

    im stuck level 97 im getting bored


      did you try to take advantage of our tips?

  11. Kevin

    If you use a colorbomb on a bomb you will get 3000 pointss x the amount of candies that are the same color. Even if you use a color bomb on a candy that is the same color as the color of the bomb you will get this amount of points, goodluck!


      you’re right kevin!

      • archer

        This is not true for the android version. I only get the normal 3000 for bombs. Other candies of the same color do not turn to bombs.

  12. Jeff

    In the video above, using the sprinkle on the wrapper nets something like 45,000 points yet when I do it, it nets like 6,000. Why the difference? I’ve tried everything over two weeks and 97 has me very discouraged.

  13. PatrickZJD

    I cannot believe for the life of me that Level 97 is actually one of the Quests to advance to Level 111. That’s one of the most sadistic things I could envision. It’ll take me a week to get past it!

    • Team

      i’d rather ask for 3 tickets from friends

      • PatrickZJD

        Can you do that even if you’re not on Facebook? I’m only giving this a few days, then I might actually splurge on a 99-cent ticket if I only have a Facebook option.

        • Team

          finally you did it :)

        • Geraldine Ciurca

          I cannot get past 97 either.

          “I might actually splurge on a 99-cent ticket if I only have a Facebook option”
          Could I pay for a 99 ticket to get past this? If so, how do I do that? Tkx

      • PatrickZJD

        Actually, somehow or other, through some miracle I got 122K, so I made it through the quest…thanks to the strategies here! Much thanks, site team. :-D

        • Team

          we are excited to see our tips are helpful.. thank you for positive feedback

  14. Jeanette

    tried all the tips, this game is pathetic, no time to think about making combos and they don’t fall right anyway to ever make a combo. I am uninstalling it, it’s unfair and I’m telling all my mates this too

    • Team

      probably a good choice!!

  15. Kami

    This level wasn’t that bad at all if you start with a color bomb (donut). If you have some in your inventory this is a great level to use it. Then try hard to combine it with a striped and it’s easy- peasy to earn the required points. All you need to do then is concentrate on clearing the bombs which is quite straightforward.

  16. Martha

    I am confused about the bombs? Are you supposed to avoid them or blow them up? I have tried both and the game is terminating early ~ sometimes with many moves remaining. It says a bomb is about to burst and I have an option to purchase more time or moves. I understand about combining the stripes with wrapped candy but am having trouble creating. Frustrated!

  17. yaqin

    i read alot of tips n tried quite a few. the most helpful ones is the striped n wrapped combo. i reached target with just two combo. it helps to choose your board n get as many bombs before u blast ur combo. i get 2stars….cudnt remember my score. dont get discourage!!

    • candy

      thanks for feedback yagin! you are an example for other candy crushers

  18. Claire

    Ok I just got pass this level and it only took a couple of hours! Definitely easier on my PC than on iPad! Even though I had scored 149,660 the first time round, I didn’t realise I had to keep fending off the bombs until the game had actually finished!! I eventually completed with 125,180… I must really be lucky as it seemed really simple compared to level 92 which I found a complete nightmare!!

  19. Claire

    Am playing on my PC

  20. Claire

    Am confused, I scored 149,660 points and had 12 moves left but then it told me a bomb was about to explode and then the game ended and I failed:( am I meant to be getting rid of the bombs too??

  21. tricia Reynolds

    I have been stuck on level 97 for 2 months!!! I tried everything!! I even got 43 people plating your game, because I suggested it!!!!!

    • candy

      did you read our tips? did you try to take advantage of them?

  22. Deb

    It keep saying bomb is a out to go off and I failed but I have only made a few moves. Whyyyyyyyyy?????

    • candy

      probably the bomb exploded before you can get rid of it

  23. Cindy

    Your walk thru hasn’t done any good for me. I’ve been stuck for weeks on level 97. Do you know of any other websites that may be helpful?

    • candy

      did you also read the tips? you should also ask at gamersunite !

  24. Darrin

    Stuck on level 97…….getting bored, about to un install

    • candy

      did you follow our tips?

  25. Donna JOnes

    Im stuck on level 97. I refuse to buy anything to get passed any level. Have been stuck for 2 months and am now seriously thinking of finding another game to play. I understand they have to make it harder as you go and im all for that but this is silly.

    • candy

      did you try to follow our tips? 2 months is a long time indeed :/

  26. Josh

    The tip doesn’t work, clearing a row with a timebomb and a special candy in it doesn’t do anything except what the special candy would normally do. No extra time bombs are created…

    • Josh

      *The third tip*

    • candy

      You’re right. This is how it used to work. In latest versions this won’t happen. Thanks for your correction!

  27. Tina

    Just got to level 97…gives you 25 moves but my game is over when the number on the cannonballs count down to zero if I can’t combine them fast enough…I have read all posts regarding level 97 and no one else is saying they have this problem…is it something I am doing wrong? My game is over before the 5th move if I can’t combine the cannonballs fast enough…help!

    • candy

      this is how the “cannonballs” work.. when they reach zero you lose the game :/

  28. lue9lopez

    Stuck on level 97 for a month I men its good to have a challenge but a month n still can’t beat it I’m getting so pissed making me not want to play no more can’t move on and I sometimes use like 3 guys n it tells me game over I don’t understand if anyone can give me any tips on how to beat this I would really appreciate it but don’t believe there is…I use to luv this game till I got to this board.

    • candy

      its a tough level for sure but its beatable! did you follow our tips? don’t give up

    • Eddie

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m color blind and can’t see the bomb colors well enough to plan ahead. I have enjoyed the challenge up till now ,but I think I’m done.

  29. jane bell

    You keep saying its easier on pc as no yellows …. NEWS FLASH the pc has purple so its exactly the same? Rediculous level getting so bored of this game now

    • candy

      do you play on android? i was talking about iOS. on iOS version you have to face 6 colors (including yellows) while on PC you need to face only 5 (no yellows) and this makes iOS much harder.

      • jane bell

        I play on IOS … IOS has blue, red, green, orange YELLOW … COMP has blue, red, green, orange PURPLE 5 on each … so is exactly the same!!

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