Candy Crush Saga Level 98

Candy Crush Level 98Target
Score 90,000 points or more to win this level!

1 star: 90000 points
2 stars: 130000 points
3 stars: 160000 points

Do your best to break off the locked pieces and keep an eye on the 9 move bombs as they drop in periodically. They also score you 3,000 points when matching them, so it will help you get up to the high score for this level.

Follow our tips and watch our Candy Crush Level 98 video in order to beat the level!

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 98

Keep clearing the board with striped/wrapped combos or wrapped/wrapped combos and remove every bomb—they’re worth 3,000 points.

Other Candy Crush Saga Level 98 Tips

  • If you are an iOS player (iPad, iPhone or iPod) and are stuck on level 98, connect your facebook account with your device and the play the level in your PC! The PC version of Level 98 is much easier comparing to the iPad.  Your progress will be tracked down and you will be able to play the next level in your iOS device!
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15 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 98”
  1. Diana s

    I shared the link for level 98 to receive a free life, but so far have not received it. Any suggestions?


      We are unsure as to what you mean here? Could you enlighten us further please?

  2. Hikeeba

    Try after try and I have lost to the bombs every time. They count down moves, not time? Well, that might stop me from panicking.

  3. BinkyABT

    The problem with this level is that you need 120,000 to pass, not 90,000. I don’t know why the game isn’t corrected. Patricia, we get the part about the bombs.

  4. Jeri

    I passed level 95, and got to level 98 on my PC, but it stays on 95 on my iPad. What should I do?


      Did you try to sync both devices/accounts?

  5. Darla

    One thing you don’t need with level 98 is extra moves!!

  6. Darla

    What if there are no moves to be made. Might as well quit the game before the bombs go off. Luck of the draw.

  7. deedee316

    Can someone tell me are u suppose to get all the number ball first or last?

  8. Luckybuff

    Patricia advice very helpful – thanks , now going to beat this level 98!


      Pat is a star! Thank you for positive feedback

  9. PatrickZJD

    This was another one that was a mystery quest for me, as I won’t use Facebook. My top previous score was 127,140 on an iPad, and the quest obliged you to get 130K. Well, after seriously around 1000 tries, I finally scored 134,720! I think the key is not to overthink your moves; I went very fast the last few attempts, and the bombs and specials kept flying. Best of luck to everyone!

  10. Judy foster

    why am i the only player with a red stand when every other player’s is blue- did i not do something when i first started?

  11. Judy foster

    perhaps more lives for those of us using an iPad- i have gone thru my 5 lives in 5minutes- maybe less- i am 76 and maybe not as fast as younger players-76000 is as close as i have come- i will keep trying-

    • R053821

      Good job for being of that age and giving it a try!!!! I think that is just awesome that you are challenging your brain and staying young!!!

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