Candy Crush Saga Levels 401-480



Candy Crush Saga Levels 401-480 4.25/5 (85.00%) 4 votes
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  1. Bronko

    Very hard to pass 426 for me…


      Don’t forget to watch our walkthrough videos! You’ve already beat 425 CC levels, I’m sure can make it 426. Good Luck!

  2. tintin Kwai

    pls. update level 456 samsung s 3 thanks…


      The previous update took around 40 days, so its a waiting game now tintin, but be patient and the Candy Crush levels will be updated as soon as possible

  3. jessy

    I need level 456 pls

  4. Annie

    Please update level 441 in ipad


      we all need to wait Annie :/

      • jessy

        Please update level 456….

  5. Ladyzebra99

    Its just not fair to wait this long for to update the ipad/iphone coz most people used their device to play while they are on train to work!! I am just wondering if the creator of this game read all these comments


      hope they did it because it will make it much easier for them to do the game better and more attractive!!

  6. Stefany

    Please update iPhone iPad. Level 410 completed and now I’m sitting


      we all have to wait (notice we are NOT connected with King, the game’s creators!)

    • barbara.smith

      Update came thru yesterday but mine no new levels. Still at 410 for I pad. Anyone else ot same problem


        i think the update came a few days ago, not yesterday.. unfortunately no new levels on mobile devices yet :/

  7. Emma

    Please update android as finished level 410


      we all need to wait Emma :/

  8. adriana

    eu queria saber como eu faso pra destrava o nivel 400 do candy crush saga

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