The Candy Crush Saga has been in the gameplay sector for a while now and after having already made thousands of fans worldwide, you could say they are the King of all mobile apps! The target of the game is relatively simple, yet brilliant and thus addictive: The player is introduced in a colorful puzzle-resembling environment and aims at matching identical candies by moving across a board. Once a level is complete, the player can proceed to the next. Three basic levels (jelly levels, ingredient levels and timed levels) are available and, combined with striking colors and accompanied by mild yet seductive audio, Candy Crush Saga carries all the prerequisites for a special gaming experience!

Before we move onto the Ins and Outs of this crazed Saga, we would love for all Crushers alike to check out the links below as they include some essential Candy Crush information. Find out what Boosters are available and what blockers need to be destroyed…

Candy Crush Saga Essential Boosters Information

Candy Crush Saga Essential Blockers Information

Why Candy Crush Saga Tips are necessary

However, Candy Crush Saga is far from being deemed a relaxing game! The target is not an easy one at all! Thus, we have already come up with an assortment of the most important Candy Crush Saga tips in order to help you move on in case you get stuck! Here we go then…

  • Candy Crush Saga TipsDon’t consider matching just three candies as a remarkable achievement: Playing the game will prove to you that fitting three candies of the same color just isn’t anything to cheer about! It’s the matching of four or five pieces that can make you a Candy Crush Saga master and, most important, help you skyrocket your score! Joining four similar items forms a new candy which can wipe out a full row once you put it together with two other objects of the same color; also, matching five provides you with a unique candy which renders you the power to eliminate every piece of the same color on the screen, provided that you match it correctly.


  • Try to save your turns: Once you start playing the game, you are provided with a specific number of turns indicated at the base of your screen. These are not for free! So, you need to “consume” them sensibly. For example, if you force things to a puzzle condition in which a remaining piece of jelly is located on one corner, avoid matching candies cornerwise. Yet, as long as you run out of turns, you can resort to Facebook and ask for friends to give you free lives or buy some for $0.99 – or just drop the game in expectancy of more lives to show up.


  • Remember that jellies cannot be moved: Many players fall for that, compromising their game. So, you need to keep in mind that you can’t shift the jelly pieces when playing the jelly levels. The key here is to tactically operate the candy blocks and try to remove the jelly filled spaces by carefully calculating your moves.


  • Boosters are not for free: Of course, the existence of Boosters is vital in Candy Crush Saga, as it supplies you a welcome boost in order to proceed through the game in a much quicker way. These power ups include Extra Moves, Jelly Fish, Colour Bomb, Stripped/Wrapped Candy, Free Switch, Coconut Wheel, Extra Time, Bubblegum Troll, Sweet Tooth, Lucky Candy, Bomb Cooler and Lollipop Hammer.  For some of these boosters, you can only use during gameplay if you selected to do so before your level starts and for other boosters, you can click to play whilst crushing candies during a level. Do note, that although these boosters provide additional help, they will now guarantee a game win – that still depends on the strategy you apply.


  • The game shows you the way: A useful touch is provided in case you have been inactive for some seconds: potential matching pieces of candy start flashing! However, don’t get too excited; if you just rely in this feature, you will soon be disappointed as these matches are randomly selected and are not considered as strategic moves, so you will soon be trapped again. Thus, just accept the handy boost but use your sense to make your way and don’t expect to complete your target based on it!


  • Some more hints include: Once you find yourself finishing a level with moves remaining, you can use that to create a sequence which can give you extra bonus.If you don’t make a level in Candy Land and you lose a life, this is replaced after 30 minutes. Although you can play the whole game without connecting to Facebook, sometimes you will find it very useful to reconnect to it (by touching the Connect icon on the main menu) so as to get your messages.

So, have fun with Candy Crush Saga!