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The Candy Crush Saga has been in the gameplay sector for a while now and after having already made thousands of fans worldwide, you could say they are the King of all mobile apps! The target of the game is relatively simple, yet brilliant and thus addictive: The player is introduced in a colorful puzzle-resembling environment and aims at matching identical candies by moving across a board. Once a level is complete, the player can proceed to the next. Three basic levels (jelly levels, ingredient levels and timed levels) are available and, combined with striking colors and accompanied by mild yet seductive audio, Candy Crush Saga carries all the prerequisites for a special gaming experience!

Before we move onto the Ins and Outs of this crazed Saga, we would love for all Crushers alike to check out the links below as they include some essential Candy Crush information. Find out what Boosters are available and what blockers need to be destroyed…

Candy Crush Saga Essential Boosters Information

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Why Candy Crush Saga Tips are necessary

However, Candy Crush Saga is far from being deemed a relaxing game! The target is not an easy one at all! Thus, we have already come up with an assortment of the most important Candy Crush Saga tips in order to help you move on in case you get stuck! Here we go then…

  • Candy Crush Saga TipsDon’t consider matching just three candies as a remarkable achievement: Playing the game will prove to you that fitting three candies of the same color just isn’t anything to cheer about! It’s the matching of four or five pieces that can make you a Candy Crush Saga master and, most important, help you skyrocket your score! Joining four similar items forms a new candy which can wipe out a full row once you put it together with two other objects of the same color; also, matching five provides you with a unique candy which renders you the power to eliminate every piece of the same color on the screen, provided that you match it correctly.


  • Try to save your turns: Once you start playing the game, you are provided with a specific number of turns indicated at the base of your screen. These are not for free! So, you need to “consume” them sensibly. For example, if you force things to a puzzle condition in which a remaining piece of jelly is located on one corner, avoid matching candies cornerwise. Yet, as long as you run out of turns, you can resort to Facebook and ask for friends to give you free lives or buy some for $0.99 – or just drop the game in expectancy of more lives to show up.


  • Remember that jellies cannot be moved: Many players fall for that, compromising their game. So, you need to keep in mind that you can’t shift the jelly pieces when playing the jelly levels. The key here is to tactically operate the candy blocks and try to remove the jelly filled spaces by carefully calculating your moves.


  • Boosters are not for free: Of course, the existence of Boosters is vital in Candy Crush Saga, as it supplies you a welcome boost in order to proceed through the game in a much quicker way. These power ups include Extra Moves, Jelly Fish, Colour Bomb, Stripped/Wrapped Candy, Free Switch, Coconut Wheel, Extra Time, Bubblegum Troll, Sweet Tooth, Lucky Candy, Bomb Cooler and Lollipop Hammer.  For some of these boosters, you can only use during gameplay if you selected to do so before your level starts and for other boosters, you can click to play whilst crushing candies during a level. Do note, that although these boosters provide additional help, they will now guarantee a game win – that still depends on the strategy you apply.


  • The game shows you the way: A useful touch is provided in case you have been inactive for some seconds: potential matching pieces of candy start flashing! However, don’t get too excited; if you just rely in this feature, you will soon be disappointed as these matches are randomly selected and are not considered as strategic moves, so you will soon be trapped again. Thus, just accept the handy boost but use your sense to make your way and don’t expect to complete your target based on it!


  • Some more hints include: Once you find yourself finishing a level with moves remaining, you can use that to create a sequence which can give you extra bonus.If you don’t make a level in Candy Land and you lose a life, this is replaced after 30 minutes. Although you can play the whole game without connecting to Facebook, sometimes you will find it very useful to reconnect to it (by touching the Connect icon on the main menu) so as to get your messages.

So, have fun with Candy Crush Saga!


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  1. Debbie Lavitt

    Please add me.


      Hiya, we don’t people onto our site. You simply need to register by following this link Plus don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter (which can be found on the homepage) as you could be in with a chance of winning some great prizes :) Good Luck

  2. Ann Profeta

    I have completed level 50 “SEVEN” times by clearing ALL the jellies AND getting the score required. WHY don’t I advance to the next level? It is sooooo aggrevating I don’t see the point of playing any longer!


      did you receive 3 tickets in order to advance to next episode?

  3. spring

    I’ve been stuck on level 208 in candy crush saga… can someone give me any tips…thanks!!

  4. Kaung Myat

    Why I can’t open the candy crush and always show adding frosting?

  5. kaecubby

    Is there any hint of how to make the wrapped candies? I have such a hard time to try to place tiles to make the wrapped candies as needed for so many games. Stuck on level 277 where I need to get 19 wrapped candies. Thanks for any help.

  6. LJC0808

    How do I purchase charms?

  7. Rachel

    hi, do you have any tips for Level 307? Thx!

  8. Mike

    The game does not let me give or receive anything from other friends. It has an icon on the bottom that says the function is blocked. How do I get it unblocked?

  9. jbrylee23

    Been stuck on level 30 for what seems like an eternity..:) Am I missing something? Are there any tips or strategies that could be helpful to me? Please and thankyou so much..yay this is so much fun, just tired of being stuck. HELP!!!! Hee hee

  10. Phyllis Clark

    On Level 316 I have attempted over 25 games, but every time I have released all the candy on the left side, I can no longer make a move, even though there are plenty of moves to be made and there’s been times it froze up on me with 20 or more plays left! Not fair!

  11. Genie Ramsey

    I can’t seem to get the hang of level 87. Does each line roll over to the next. I know I need to cleat the blocks. Any more advice?

  12. pawan

    hi , i am a regular player for candy-crush saga . but every time i am going to play it there will be error loading the game and my life will be reduced . it makes me crazy .so please if any body have any idea about it help me … -pawan.

  13. SANDIE

    Which combination makes a wrapped candy

    • pawan

      if u wann make wrapped candy u have to match the 6 candys in a right angle shape .

      • Team

        nop.. you need to match 5 of the same color in L or T shape

  14. SANDIE


  15. Tia Granlund

    How do i get tickets to advance to level 36 without asking friends for tickets?

    • candy

      this is not evitable!

  16. Lori

    I had 3 lives hanging out for me to use when my 5 expired. I had them saved for 2 days, they just disappeared. Why would that happen? Is there a time limit to how long lives can be saved?

    • candy

      if you are playing on PC you can’t save lives for future use :/

  17. edward

    I made a payment to get more of those chocolate balls with sprinkles… Everything worked out fine except now the commercials or ads don’t pop up when I run out of lives… I didn’t mind watching them because every time I did it gave me a new life as soon as it was over… Please help it’s driving me crazy to have to wait 30 minutes for the next life… I do not want to purchase lives… How do I get the commercials back? This question is concerning Candy Crush Saga on Facebook played at a home desktop computer

    • candy

      why don’t you ask for extra lives from friends?

      • Melanie

        I’m wondering the same thing. My boyfriend plays all night because as soon as he is out of lives, he gets a new one. It’s not fair and I want the same advantage, so how do I get the ads for a free life?

  18. Jazelass

    Can candy crush be downloaded on my Kindle fire?

  19. Judy

    orange jellybeans, and the purple chewies?? Are there anymore? I am only on level 14 and I really need to know the answer to this one??

    Please help;’)

    • Kathy

      Judy, the “jellies” are the assorted candies that are enclosed in a square of jelly! You need to match 3, 4 or 5 candies next to, above, below etc., to “these” jelly squares to break free the enclosed candy! Good luck!

      • Team

        thanks for contributing, kathy :)

  20. gaby23824

    just reinstalled candy crush on my android. Seems i lost my envelope does anyone know how i can get it back??

  21. Mar-Lynn

    Does anyone have some hints for level 76 ?

  22. carns13

    Is there a strategy for level 68? I can’t follow the video because the candies don’t do the same thing from one game to the next.

  23. janebriggs

    i amhaving a problem with level 29…i brought them all down and so many to choose to crush .it like over and over and over.i watched the video numerous times

  24. Sidd

    plz I am looking for ticket for 36 level

  25. Elishia

    Trying to pass 21 and just watched the video tip, unsure how to swap colors I try but it doesn’t work!!!

    • candy

      i am not sure i get your question.. you just need to swap colored candies in order to match-3 (or 4 or 5) in order for them disappear!

      • glo

        I’ve been stuck on level 21 for 2 days. I get down to the last jelly and loose not sure what to do

        • candy

          did you also score more than 27000?

  26. nancy

    i can’t even complete level 7. which ones are the “jelly?”

    • candy

      Jelly is the substance covering a few of the candies! Please watch our video walkthrough in order to complete the level, its pretty simple

  27. Shaquan

    Im finding it difficult too complete level 31

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