Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Saga News, Candy Crush Saga Valentines Day, Cupids Challenge Event, Dexter the Whale, Treasure ChestThe day of love is almost upon us! Valentines Day is tomorrow Tuesday 14th February and The Candy Crush Saga is most certainly spreading the love…


Since Friday 10th a little tournament has been taking place amongst the Candy Crush Community, called the ‘Cupids Challenge’!


This a Live Event which also includes a spectacular gameplay that has never been done before!  Candy Crush Players will be competing against each other for the Top Spots to win an assortment of sweet and delicious prizes! These prizes will range from useful Boosters to Unlimited Lives and to claim these for yourself you simply have to finish the event in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


Winners will receive these prizes as followed:

  • 1st Place – 1 Colour Bomb, 1 Striped/Wrapped Candy, 1 Free Switch, 1 Hammer and 6 Hours worth of Unlimited Lives
  • 2nd Place – 1 Colour Bomb, 1 Free Switch, 1 Hammer and 2 Hours worth of Unlimited Lives
  • 3rd Place – 1 Colour Bomb, 1 Hammer and 2 Hours worth of Unlimited Lives


Great thing about this event is that due to how large the Candy Crush Community is, King have decided to put players into groups of 30, so if you make it to the 2nd Round, you will only be competing against 29 other players for those Top 3 Spots! The groups will be chosen at random!


To reach the Leaderboard Round, Players will need to have completed the qualifying round with Dexter the Whale!

Help Dexter (who’s all loved up dressed as Cupid) to collect 10 Striped Candies and win a Lollipop Hammer! Once completed you will be through to the Leaderboard 2nd Round!


This little contest will be running until the 15th February, so there’s still time to get plenty of Crushing done! Plus, don’t worry if you missed this even or simply want to play some more as all Candy Crush Saga Players can tune in this weekend coming from February 17th – February 21st, for another 5 days of Cupids Challenge Fun!


This event is available to all iOS and Android players.