Dragon City Update!


Check out the latest Dragon City Update by heading to the App Store now and updating your game! Once the update is complete – look and behold upon the new features that have been placed around your Kingdom of Dragons!

The combat arena has really had a facelift! Instead of only being able to play 1 combat battle against an opponent where the reward would be a handful of gems and cash, players can now experience to battle in stages!


Once you have completed a selection of stages you will be honoured with a Victory Cup and rewarded a Dragon to hatch, breed and train! Once a Cup has been won, the next quest will be unlocked! Another advantage to this new style of combat is that you have to wait little time between battle stages – with the wait time increasing as you further through the arena!


Next up is the Battle League! By clicking the ‘VS Battle’ icon at the bottom of your screen the following screen will appear…


The new design is definitely appealing! You can reach the Combat Arena through this icon now, but click the ‘League’ Icon to enter into the Battle League. Now you’ll notice that all of your opponents are at the same Level as your Dragon City profile instead absolutely any level, high or low – which made winning leagues hard for some players!

The same rules apply though, by defeating all players in the league you will be rewarded with a collection of gems!


Now if you’ve received our weekly Newsletter and have been redirected to this page to find out about the NEW Island that has attached itself to your mainland – then keep reading to find out what new adventures this land has in store!