Since the day the Candy crush Saga was released there has been many, many levels revealed for the enjoyment of our Candy Crush Saga Community. Those of us who have been playing the game since the beginning of its time will know the many changes, updates and nerfs that Game Developers have applied to original Levels throughout the years.

Now there is currently 2165 Levels available to play and enjoy!

These levels are forever changing, however. Constant Updates that will change the placement of blockers, timed levels that will ask for more or less time to complete and so on.

If those of us who are playing at the current stage of the Candy Crush Saga went back and played through the Saga again, right from the very beginning, they would find plenty different with these levels! Some easier levels that are now harder and vice versa!


Updates could include any of the following adjustments:


Correcting Game Boards – Some Boards when revealed may come with an unfriendly surprise in the form of glitches. Missing candies, Boosters or Blockers, Technical Faults in Timed Levels, Free Squares, obstacles that make levels impossible to win and so on.

Nerfing – For a game to be ‘Nerfed’ its means simply that a level, item or obstacle is too powerful from the games other stats, so it needs to be ‘nerfed’ in order to create a fairer gaming experience.

Previous Design Levels – Some levels that have been updated or redesigned in the past may have become a poor decision to make in the first place, so some levels are rolled back to their original state. This is all trial and error for the best gaming experience.

Increase Obstacle – As Nerfing brings power down, King Developers also give some other levels more power with a term called ‘Buffing’. This is where and obstacle is made harder to defeat then its previous state as it may have been too easy in its original form.


Candy Crush Saga may be forever changing, but its still what we love best – Crushing Candies!


If you remember a level that you used to love, but has now changed or vice versa then please leave a comment below as we would love to hear your thoughts!