This is our page for people who are playing Candy Crush Saga and are in desperate need for more friends! We absolutely feel how important its for you to increase the number of your Candy Crush Friends in order to unlock new episodes or exchange lives!

NOTICE: You shouldn’t add your comment if you aren’t really interested in accepting Friend Requests!

How does Our Find-Candy-Crush-Saga-Friends Page work?

Find Candy Crush Saga FriendsYou just need to login with your facebook account and then visit this page, click the “add comment” above the comments list and then leave a message in our facebook comment form saying “Add Me” or “Looking for Candy Crush Saga Friends”. Other users that are also looking for Candy Crush Friends will immediately click your username, get inside your profile and send you a friend request! This way your Candy Crush Saga Friends will increase and you will be able to get extra lives and tickets when this is necessary!

IMPORTANT: The Add Me messages will be deleted every first day of the month in order to make sure that only Candy Crushers that are willing to be added as friends are included in this list! So after the first day of the month you need to leave a new “ADD ME” message in order to increase the number of your Candy Crush Friends!

Notice: We need to underline that you shouldn’t send Facebook friend requests to Candy Crushers you do not know in real life because it is against Facebook’s policy.