Gram Games, the creators of 1010! Now bring you ‘1010! World’ another highly addictive puzzle-solving game where Congratulations are in order, specifically to Gram Games as this little bundle of joy was voted as one of the 15 cutest app games by App Store Editors!


If you are ready for a Cubeland adventure you’ll be happy to know that your favourite friends from the previous edition of this game have made their way over and are going to help you on your journey!

  • Hoppy the Bunny
  • Biggie the Panda


The aim of the game is to simply solve puzzles and progress up to the next level by placing blocks into their correct positions to complete a series of lines.


From 1010! World themselves say that this game play is ‘easy to learn and fun to master’ and you all you have got to do to be on your merry way is purchase this game today! Seeing as it is completely free to buy, what have you got to lose?


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