Remember when the original game Angry Bird was released and got us all hooked? Well, now it looks like one of our favourite oldies are expanding their platform!

Please Welcome ‘Angry Birds Fight!’ to the fold!

This Match-3 flurry is all hands on deck, go, Go, GO! And you get to face off against real opponents in real-times matches and that’s whether they be friends of foe.

Race against the clock as you head into a Match-3 frenzy and complete as many panels as you possibly can to power up your bird and claim victory in your many battles.

Only a fool would enter these battle grounds un-equipped so don’t forget to arm your character with defensive body equipment and some exciting weapons that all helps toward raising your health status, increasing your attack power and even some of these elements will give you a Special Power Surge!

Don’t forget to release the explorer in you and make sail for the undiscovered islands that will no doubt be full of new and exciting challengers! Rock out your Match-3 skills and be on your way to winning some luxury Bird characters, weapons and anything else that springs to mind!

But BEWARE….Of the Monster Pigs!!!!

To find out more detail, you will simply need to play the game! Click the ‘Download’ button above to find out how you can purchase this free game from the App Store.