Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld

Sometimes we all need a break from reality and what better way to spend that break, than in the Candy Crush Saga alternate Universe – Dreamworld!

Here you will meet Odus the Owl who will always be there to help you, but if you knock him off the Moonscale then you will loose that level! This separate saga allows you to play through all the beginning levels again, but each with a twist!

By following the ‘Walkthroughs’ button above, you will be able to visit all of our Walkthrough Pages for each and every available level in Dreamworld, plus some useful information on the Dreamworld Saga.

Just remember that Dreamworld co-exists with the Candy Crush Saga, so if you use up all 5 lives in CCS you won’t have any available lives in Dreamworld and you will need to wait 2 and half hours before your 5 lives completely replenish themselves again.

So if you’ve got a tickling for the Dreamworld, than head over to there first and play some levels and once you’ve run out of lives you can head on over to the Candy Crush Soda Saga as those 5 lives will still be in tact!

For a Dream-like world and Crushing Candies fun, simply click the PLAY NOW Button TODAY!