How to play Crossy Road!

This hit Android and App game has got players loving every minute of gameplay, from choosing the character you want to cross the road to the obstacles you face in actually doing this objective! Hipster Whale created this production with inspiration from the likes of many others, which you can find out by clicking the ‘Walkthroughs Button’ above.

This button will link you to a page full of interesting information about this popular game and the characters you can choose to play it with!

Every so often, brand new updates to the game will bring brand new characters to choose from – some of which have to bought with in-App purchases although most can gained for free!

Some of our favourites have to be the Korean characters such as Gangnam-style singer PSY and many more.

Plus once you have viewed the ‘How to Play Crossy Road’ page, you can then click on the ‘Cheats & Strategies’ button to find out all the latest tips and hints to help you with your Crossy Road Gameplay.

Don’t forget that there is a whole host of Crossy Road characters to choose from, but all are categorised into the following 3 types:

•Special- winnable characters that visually change the game world.
•Basic- winnable characters that run in day time road and do not change the game world.
•Unlockable- unwinnable characters that need to be unlocked in a specific way.

CLICK HERE to check out the latest update including 6 NEW Crossy Road Characters!