Down the Mountain is another one of those action-packed, fast-paced arcade games that can keep us on our toes for hours or in this case – Down the Mountain!


Basically your character will be making its decent down an apparent ‘infinite mountain’ whilst dodging all the obstacles set in its path and collecting STARS and Power-ups on its way down.


Obviously the longer you can descend down the mountain whilst avoiding enemies and collecting vital power-ups, you better you score will be at the end of it! So you can always challenge yourself and compete against your personal best or get your friends involved and see who is the King or Queen of ‘Down the Mountain’ amongst the people of your group.


Since the latest update, players can expect some new features added to Down the Mountain and these include the following:


  • NEW Easy Mode
  • 22 NEW Characters
  • 50 NEW Missions
  • Progress saved automatically in the cloud
  • NEW Control Schemes – swipe your way down mountain and control the centre left and right tap
  • Reward videos added
  • And previous bugs have now been fixed!


To find out if you’ve got what it takes to click the PLAY NOW button above and download this fast-paced game to your mobile device today!