If you’re looking for a zen-full experience whilst waiting for the in-between periods of your life to be over with, then ‘Lines the Games’ might be the next best thing you’ve ever come across! Get your brains ticking with this colourful thinking game that was already named the WINNER of the ‘Best Casual Entertainment Game’ at the Dutch Game Awards 2015!

All you have to do to enjoy this game is ‘place’ or ‘remove’ dots on the picture in front of you and watch as each colour races to fill the lines. You can experience 250 different tantalizing levels across 5 different Game Modes which include the following:

Mix of them all

One single play can be over within seconds, so whether you log onto Lines the Game whilst commuting to work, waiting for meetings or in-between adverts on TV you can still dive right this app and start earning trophies!
Play for a little longer and you will be rewarded with even more Trophies for achieving a Winning Streak!

Best part about this app is that only costs 99p to purchase.

Exercise your strategic skills and see if you can dot the Lines with the colour that wins!