Magic Duels is a free game brought to iTunes and we have to say it’s like a pimped up version of Yu-Gi-O playing cards from earlier days. On this app you can increase your skills, advance your deck or cards and become the most powerful and most feared Magic Dueller across all 5 Planeswalkers.


Or as The Gathering says, “Every Origin… Begins with a Spark”!


By joining in with this quest you will one of over 20 million players who are all up and coming as the best Magic Duellers out there! But what can you expect on your journey? Check out the following to find out…


  • Enjoy an eternity of Gameplay
  • Regular Card and Content Updates
  • Enhanced Deck Builder with a step-by-step guide
  • Multiple Play Modes that includes a classical favourite – The TWO Headed Giant
  • Plenty of Quests
  • Plenty of Achievements to receive
  • New Skill Quest Training System
  • A Magical experience as you head on with your epic journey


So will you be duelling in the big leagues or simply enjoying the gameplay at a relaxing pace! As already mentioned, Magic Duels is a free game to purchase with so much to offer!


Click the PLAY NOW button above to find out how you can download this game today!