This nifty little app is the sister to the ever popular online task manager – So if you’re a team of workers who want an efficiently run workflow then MeisterTask may be worth checking out!


So what can you look forward to if you were to purchase this free ‘productivity’ app? Check out the following to find out:


  • Receive up-to-date notifications of your teams work
  • Real-time communication across all associated mobile devices
  • View activity on all active product and task streams
  • Able to comment and like tasks
  • Create unlimited tasks
  • Invite others to collaborate on products with you
  • Enjoy the ‘Focus Widget’ that allows to see tasks that are due, overdue or marked as important
  • Agile workflows are supported such as – Kanban Boards, software prints and many others
  • Customizable project boards
  • Watch tasks to follow teams progress on product
  • You can add anything to tasks including – due dates, tags, descriptions, checklists, etc
  • Photo uploading made easy as you can upload attachments directly from your favourite photo storage – Photo Library, Camera, iCloud, Dropbox and so on


There’s no harm in testing out an app that’s absolutely free and who knows, its purchase may by the final factor that helps get you work tasks completed more quickly and efficiently.


Click the PLAY NOW Button above for more details.