Welcome to NoNo Islands! If you were a fan of the game ‘Mr. Crab’ before than you’ll love what NoNo Islands have to offer as the creators of these app games are one of the same.


So join your travelling fellows to a land of lost treasure, excitement and of course many difficult obstacles! Your objective will be obtain the treasures of NoNo Island but first you will have to defeat the NoNo army that doesn’t only exist of NoNo’s! You’ll also have to battle sharks, Spiders, Jumping Skulls and other creepy creatures to reach your destination.


But please be mindful, if you are able to succeed with your warrior skills and make it past the army, there are still plenty of hidden entrapments to overcome and no doubt will cause plenty of fuss!

Some of these include Flying Darts, Spikes, Boulders and Sawblades!


Will you be quick enough to dodge them?


There’s only one way to find out! Purchase this FREE game today by clicking the PLAY NOW button above. And although this app may be free to purchase, you can still opt in or out of in-app purchases.