Pet Rescue Saga

If you’re looking for a game that’s cute, cuddly and fun to play all at the same time, then look no further than the Pet Rescue Saga created by This happy little saga is just as thrilling as the ever-popular Candy Crush Saga but you can expect a different game scenario than what you’re used to. The graphics may be the same but the objective is completely different.

You need to save the dogs by matching groups of blocks that are of the same colour. Do this and you can save yours pets and win the level!

If you are left with 1 coloured block on its own, blocking the way for the dog to land safely on the ground, you will than fail a level.

Luckily, if you click the ‘Walkthroughs’ button above, you can be redirected to a page full of helpful hints and Walkthrough Videos for every level or if you simply want to head straight to the game now, then click the button to the left labelled ‘Play Now’ and you will be on your way to be a Pet Rescuer!

It doesn’t matter what device you are playing on whether it be mobile, tablet, iPad, PC, this link will send you straight to the webpage or iTunes app so you can start having some Pet Rescue Fun instantly!