Sometimes achieving our daily goals can be more hassle then its worth as anything can pop up in a day and make your forgot everything you were supposed to do, but with ‘Streaks’ those days are history!


This app although a little pricey to purchase at £2.99 is great about keeping you notified of those daily tasks. You can have up to 6 tasks running at any one time, so you’ve just got 6 tasks to focus on, get them done and move on.


The best thing about Streaks is not it combines with other apps including the Apple Watch so you can be updated on the go and the Health app so that you can reach all of your fitness goals with ease.

Plus if you achieve something on your fitness and health app, it will automatically progress on Streaks!


So whilst keeping track of completing your tasks, there are some other things you can be enjoying on Streaks to spice it up a bit and these include the following:

  • Change the App colour
  • Choose from hundreds of different icons
  • Customizable reminders to keep you on track


Not to mention you can always check out your overall completion statistics or view your current streak!


Click the PLAY NOW Button above to find out even more details about the best ‘To-do’ app around.