The Mesh is quite and inspiring app to play with its zen-like atmosphere and quality graphics and all you’ve got to do is reach 200 points mark and you will unlock all 12 creatures of the ancient zodiac.


So test your mind and see how skilfully you can combine numbered tiles to receive the highest score possible. But remember you’ll have to think further than simply the next step in front of you, the Mesh is all about planning because if your mesh runs out of cells then that game is officially over!


If playing this game on a time-limit is simply just too much pressure, than switch over to Zen-Mode and play The Mesh at your own pace, enjoying the relaxation that kicks in once your mind has gone to work.


The Mesh is definitely a 100% original and innovative gameplay that only costs 69p to purchase! With the bonus feature being that it is a premium game, so you will NEVER have to make any in-app purchases to further your progress.


Not to mention that has been specially made exclusive to iPhone and iPad users!


To enjoy the beautiful design of The Mesh game, simply click the PLAY NOW button above and be re-directed to a page full of exciting details!