Look no further if you are a fan of fast-paced app games where you get to test your mobile reflexes to the max! ‘Try Harder’ is the name of this game and you can now purchase the app for FREE on the App Store.

There’s only five rules to follow in this game and if you reach their standards you will be whizzing through this horrifying brilliant app!

Check out the 5 steps to greatness…
• Run Harder
• Die Harder
• Power-up Harder
• Jump Harder
• Try Harder

So literally the harder you try in this game the better your results will be and no doubt many deaths for you character to come – so why not take risks as you jump, slide and run through this world of death-traps galore!
Don’t forget to grab those power-ups to help you avoid certain death for just a little bit longer, by by-passing traps and adding extra seconds to your characters time! Plus you can unlock hidden achievements and check out your score on the leaderboard!

For more info, and to find out how to download the Try Harder game, head to their iTunes page via the ‘Play Now’ button above!