Well, this would happen sooner or later! Candy Crush Saga introduces the first licensed merchandize, the Candy Crush socks. This is only the first step! Now we should expect Candy Crush cups, Candy Crush clothes etc!

candy crush socks

Candy Crush Saga Official Socks

King had a cooperation with Happy Socks, the premium sock designer in order to creat two different pairs of socks, based on the game! The cost for a pair of Candy Crush Socks is at 8e and you can preorder while they are not still available!

The Happy Sock CEO Mikael Söderlindh says: “The socks will be exclusively designed, not simply branded, and will reflect the quality both King and Happy Socks are known for delivering,”!

King is following the Rovio’s profitable plan that had 45% of their 2012’s yearly revenue coming from the official merchandize. And its not only that.. Fruit Ninja, Talking Friends and many other gaming companies have launched their own physical products! And for King, this is definitely only the beginnning!