New Crossy Road Characters!

Attention all Crossy Road players!!!

The Crossy Road team have added 6 new characters to their popular game, so you can get down to what you do best – Hopping across the road! But this time with some new flavours…

The only downfall is, as eager you may be to set these characters into action – it’s probably in your best interest to wait until next week for the following update. This is due to a bug or glitch on the game preventing these sought after from coming out of the Gacha Machine. But if you can’t wait to play them you can always spend the 70p/99c to purchase your favourite character now!

2 of the new characters added to Crossy Road are based on the stars of another game that developers Andy Sum and and Matt Hall are apart of, ‘Shooty Skies’ created by the ‘Might Games Group’.

These character include the lovable 3.1 and Rattles! The remaining 4 characters include a Giraffe, Zebra, Gazelle and a Skipping Rope Girl.

So waiting a week won’t take too long to play these bundle of new characters, plus coming with the repair of this troublesome glitch is even more brand new characters!

Pac-Man and his Ghosts will be hopping along the Crossy Roads in celebration of the launch Pac-Man 256, the latest free game created by Crossy Road Developers Hipster Whale! This game is now available on Android and iOS and is completely free to download!