Experts gamers, bloggers, celebrities, brand Owners are trying to explain the Candy Crush Craze and everyone gives a part of the explanation why Candy Crush Addiction is actually a powerful Global Trend at the moment! Now Heather Kirkorian, a University of Wisconsin-Madison Assistant Professor of Psychologist, gave another aspect on this Candy Crush Addiction.

Heather Kirkorian

Heather Kirkorian

“The human visual system is primed for pattern detection, which is a key component of this game,”! Professor Kikorian notices that Candy Crush Saga is absolutely taking advantage of the specific feature – Candy Crushers have to detect specific patterns and this is the core strategy of how to beat a level. And Candy Crush pushes you to the limits while the game goes on making it trickier to detect the right patterns.

Professor Kirkorian also underlines another feature that we at are repeatedly reffering to… Candy Crush creates a “pleasure response” in the brain which provides limitless satisfaction and pleasure when someone beats a level after a long period of trying, ! Its not a rare fact that people are almost screaming upon completing a tough level after months of hard efforts.. and it seems that the feeling of satisfaction can possibly erase in a few moments the frustration caused by months of unsuccessful plays!

An experienced Candy Crusher reports: “After I beat one level I had been on for weeks, I nearly screamed on the train.”