The video game addiction is not a recent issue! It is something many psychologists have been speaking about for a long period (remember the WOW addicts). Actually Psychologists still believe that the effect of addictive games can be pretty devastating for personal life of addicts!

uk-rehabUK Rehab, the UK center for addiction treatment reports an increasing rate in calls of people that are obsessed with Candy Crush Saga and this is why they launched a rehab program especially for Candy Crush Addicts.

July Rutherford, the director of UK Rehab says: “When people think of addiction they automatically imagine drugs and alcohol being the only substances which can lead to long term health problems. The fact is we now live in a digital age and more and more people are calling us seeking help for video game addiction, addiction to online pornographey and online gambling.”

Sam Turnbull a member of UK Rehab Team reports “Due to the sharp rise in callers seeking help with Candy Crush addiction we realised that it was time to put together a treatment package which would help deal with not only this game but others that may be released in the future.”

The main goal of this program is to help Candy Crush Addicts return to their normal lives as soon as possible and in order for this to be feasible addicts need to remain on the center for 2 weeks!

Is this a huge fail or an epic success for King?