Candy Crush Saga Cheats, Tips & Tricks – Crushing Candies

Candy Crush Saga Cheats, Tips & Tricks


  • Create Special Candies

When playing a Candy Crush Saga Level you will notice that special candies may appear on your screen “randomly” – but in fact they are not random at all! When you create a move that makes the candies cascade, patterns will be made in the candies that create these special candies… You simply have to watch how that special candy is made and repeat the sequence.

Here are a few examples of how to make Special Candies (remember you can adapt these examples to colours and rotation of the same pattern).


how to make a striped candy, special candy, guide, tutorial, candy crush, candy crush saga,

How to make a Striped Candy!



how to make a wrapped candy, candy crush, candy crush saga, guide, tutorial, special candy

How to make a Wrapped Candy!



how to create a colour bomb, special candy, guise, pattern, candy crush,candy crush saga

How to create a Colour Bomb!























  • Work from the bottom, up

By creating candy matches at the bottom of your game board, will essentially create a cascading effect from the candies. This will allow the chance of special candies to be made, whilst the candies are still falling into position. Always a great way to start of a game.

However do be aware of the candy matches that are already present at the top half of your game board, as if there’s a pattern (like the examples above) for you to create a Special Candy, then it may be worth making those matches before you create the cascading candy effect – and especially if it’s a Colour Bomb, they are incredibly useful!


  • Look out for those Combos!

We’ve touched on Special Candies, but Special Candy Combos are even more effective! These combos are made by matching two special candies together, and depending on the match you create, will depend on the effect it gives off.


The Special Candy Combos you can create in-game are as followed:

Striped Candy PLUS Striped Candy

striped candy, candy crush, candy crush saga, special candy, two stripes,

Striped Candy PLUS Wrapped Candy

wrapped candy plus striped candy, special candy, combo, candy crush, candy crush saga

Wrapped Candy PLUS Wrapped Candy

wrapped candy plus wrapped candy, candy crush, candy crush saga, special candy, combo

Colour Bomb PLUS Striped Candy

colour bomb plus striped candy, candy crush, candy crush saga, special candy, combo

Colour Bomb PLUS Wrapped Candy

colour bomb plus wrapped candy, candy crush, candy crush saga, special candy, combo

Colour Bomb PLUS Colour Bomb

colour bomb plus colour bomb, candy crush, candy crush saga, special candy, combo


To watch how these Special Candies are made and the effect they create, then please click this button and watch our Step-by-Step Tutorial Guide.

click here, linked button, candy crush tutorials, special candies, walkthrough videos

Special Candy Tutorials



striped candy, horizontal, vertical, special candy, candy crush, candy crush sagaThere are two different types of Striped Candies – ONE where the stripes are vertical (going up and down) and TWO where the stripes are horizontal (going from side to side).

To create a vertical Striped Candy, you need to bring your candy either up or down, to create a 4 coloured candy match on a row.

To create a horizontal Striped Candy, you need to move you candy either left or right to create a 4 coloured candy match on a column.


  • Removal of Jellies

If you read our Candy Crush Blockers page, you will realise that those pesky Jelly Squares are a part of the enemy Blockers clan. And although on a whole, jellies can be quite easy to clear, you’ll come across those hard-to-reach ones that seem near impossible to remove. That’s because the majority of us will only go to clear these jellies at the end of the game – when you really you want to aim to get those squares out of the way first.

So before every move you make, take a quick scan around your board and make sure there’s not a move you can make to remove one of those hard Jelly Squares, before moving onto an easier block of jelly squares to removes.


  • Eliminate your enemies

As you progress throughout the game, you will come across a variety of different obstacles of which we like to call ‘Blocker’s. These consist of anything that prevents you, in some way, of reaching your goal.

To find out more information on these Blockers, please click here.

candyc rush, candy crush saga, blockers, information, obstacles, pictures, facts

Candy Crush Blockers Guide


  • Be Strategic

Some levels are based on more luck and other levels, you will need more skill to conquer them and that’s where your strategic abilities need to come into play. When you first come onto a game board you will need to come up with a plan by following these steps:

1-      Look at the blockers you need to destroy and decide whether you’ll need to remove all of them to win the level or if you can go down a different path.

2-      Look for special candy combinations and create them

3-      Pause to scan the board before moves, so that you don’t miss a special candy opportunity by opting for an only 3 colour match move

Follow these easy steps for each level, if you want a better chance at defeating them.



  • Say NO to Chocolate

Chocoalte, Chocolate, Chocolate – if only it was as delicious as it is in real life! But Candy Crush Chocolate is a huge pain!

When you destroy a piece of chocolate, by creating any move next to it, no more chocolate will grow on that round. However if you make a move that doesn’t remove a piece of chocolate, then another piece will appear in a random place linking onto an chocolate block.

Special Candies will remove this obstacle much more efficiently and quickly.

If you are able to destroy all chocolate blocks on the board, then no more chocolate will return for that level, period.

Although if you are playing a game, where there is a chocolate fountain on the level, then you will never fully be rid of the chocolate. This is because even though the same rules apply here as it does for the Chocolate Blocks, Chocolate Fountains can carry on spawning chocolate 1 round after the last chocolate square was removed. So don’t waste your time by trying remove every square insight – these levels will be the ones where you’ll have to find another path to win.


  • Know your Boosters

Another word we use for Special Candies is ‘Booster’ and although we have touched upon some of the boosters that the game provides, we haven’t included all of them – only the ones that you can create in-game. But there are also some that can only be bought or won on the Daily Spin Wheel.

To know more about these Boosters and what there effect is, then please click this button.

candy crush saga, candy crush, boosters, informations, facts, pictures, guide, tutorial,

Candy Crush Boosters Guide






Re-shuffle your board

If you are playing the Candy Crush Saga via your mobile phone, then there’s actually a sweet, little trick that you can use to start your game off with the best board possible!

As soon as you load your level’s game up, have a look over the board and see whether or not you have got plenty of moves to start with or hardly none at all. If the latter is your conclusion and your starting board is poor, then follow these simple steps to Re-shuffle your board, start again and DON’T lose any lives!

  • Click the Gold Arrow button found on the left hand corner of your screen.
  • 4 icons will appear in the semi-circle banner that just arose.
  • Click the ‘EXIT’ button which is the bottom red icon, with a rectangle shape and arrow

This will take you out of the game, where you can then upload that level again instantly and hope that you’ve got a better starting board to play with.


exit game, reshuffle, new board, candy crush, candy crush saga, guide, tricks, tips, cheats


However, please note: You can only use this trick if you haven’t made any moves on that level yet, otherwise you will lose a life. But you can use this trick as many times as you want, until you find you’re perfect starting board.


More lives on Facebook!

If you are playing the Candy Crush Saga via Facebook, then there’s another littler trick that could gain you more lives!

All you have to do is, open multiple tabs on your web browser and turn all of them onto Candy Crush so that you have got 5 lives present in each tab.

You will then be able to play your Candy Crush game in each tab until you win! This comes in handy when you come across those levels that just eat up your 5 lives within minutes, as you’ll continually be able to play that specific level as many times as you want.

Please note: When you do win a level, you will then have to refresh every open Candy Crush tab so that they recognise you have completed a level.


Timed Levels

candy crush, candy crush saga, +5 candy, timed levels, add seconds, boosters, guideTimed levels can either be huge fun or a great pain, but there is a little trick that you can use to add some seconds to the clock!

Have you seen those candies with a +5 over the top? Well every time you crush one of those candies, a further 5 seconds will be added to your timer. You may think this is useless information, seeing as these boosters seem to appear at random, but in fact you have to complete another sequence that creates a +5 Candy.

The secret is simple – you have to create a move which will then create a cascading effect of 4 minimum combos (which is why these boosters seem to appear at random).

The best way to create a cascading effect is to make moves at the bottom of your game board.


More on Striped Candies

Earlier on we spoke about how to make Special Candies and how they work, but there’s one more thing you’ll want to keep in mind. When you create a striped candy of any sort, it is not always the wisest move to use that Special Candy right away – there may be hard-to-reach jellies that need removing, an opportunity to make a Colour Bomb PLUS Striped Candy Combo may arise or there simply may be a better position for that striped candy to detonate in, for another reason entirely.


Fish Boosters

You can find plenty of information about Fish Boosters, by checking out our Candy Crush Boosters guide above – however all Crushers should know about this trick.

Whenever a Fish Booster is present on your level, you should always save it until the last of your moves are left. This is because there may still be some tricky jelly squares to get rid of and you can’t reach them! The fish will remove any 3 jelly squares at random – so if you’ve got less then squares, the fish booster will win you your level.

Of course if you had more fish present, then they will be able to remove even more jelly squares.


Moves left over?

When you’re playing a level, its always best to try and beat it with as little moves as possible and not simply because that means you have more skill, but because the more moves you leave at the end will either turn a selection of the candies into fish boosters which will then remove even more candy –OR- a selection of candies will turn into striped candies and will eliminate the row or column of candies that they are facing. Therefore racking your points up even more at the end of the game.


+3 Moves

There’s always been that question that almost every Crusher asks – Where do my +3 Moves from friends go? Well that’s simple!

When we are sent these free moves and accept them, it seems that they just simply disappear, but that is wrong.

When you are asked to send free moves yourself, you are actually sending you friend free moves for the level that you are on at that present time.

The only way to find levels where you have been gifted these free moves, is to look on your Candy Crush Map and look out for those levels with a Pretty Pink Bow on top. If you click a level with a bow on, you will notice that an extra 3 moves have been automatically added to your moves count.

candy crush, candy crush saga, little pink bow, extra moves, random levels

Little Pink Bow (+3 Moves available)


Lives from Friends

Being Crushers, our instinct is to help each other out – hence why we send each other free lives to use. But for many of us, those free lives seem to disappear just like our extra moves have done. However that is wrong again!

You can only have 5 available lives present at any one time. This means that if you are sent a life and accept it whilst you have 5 full lives, then YES, that life will disappear.

You can only accept a life if you have 4 lives available or less.

You can also accept up to 5 lives in ONE sitting if you have 0 lives to play with.



Tip for Ingredient Levels

Ingredient levels seem straight forward enough, however there is a tip that will help you win these levels at a better pace. All you have got to do is keep those ingredients away from the furthest right and left columns, as there is limited space there to make candy matches and bring the ingredients down.

Plus always remember to NEVER move an ingredient (on purpose) to a square that doesn’t have an exit underneath, otherwise you will experience the hardest time trying to get it off the square and into an EXIT column again.

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