Candy Crush Saga Level 105

Candy Crush Level 105Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 55,000 points in 30 moves.

1 star: 55000 points
2 stars: 105000 points
3 stars: 145000 points

30 moves to eliminate all the double Jelly in the corners and release the locked bomb makes or a tough level. Prioritize the bomb unlocking, then the removal, then focus on the Jelly in the corners. Striped candies are great for the corners.

Here is a walkthrough video for Candy Crush Level 105

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 105

A color bomb/striped candy combo is great here to clear the jellies—but keep an eye on the corners as they can be the hardest to clear.

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12 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 105”
  1. Dave n Dallas

    This comment section is great. On 105 I scrolled through the different layouts. (Click the gold image n lower left hand corner and then click on the tiny door…u will see it.) I won on the layout with the red bomb n center. Upper right corner cleared 3 purples was a good hardest part was lower right which I cleared with colored bomb and a blue stripe. Remember that most levels aren’t timed…so try to slow down. I actually had to sit on my right hand to stop going so fast. Now I make fewer dumb moves. Gl


      Thank you for sharing! :)


        The hardest thing that keeps me stuck on this level is elimating the smokiing bomb before it times out. Any advise so that I spend more time stategizing and getting on to the next level. Signed H E E E LLLPP

    • Soncie

      mind explaining what you mean by scrolling thru the different layouts? I am presently playing the game via Amazon Kindle, and unlike the cellphone or Iphone version, you’re unable to choose your preferred layouts. Anyone with hints, cheats, and or comprehensive walk thru’s are welcome! Please help, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life stuck on level 105! LOL!

  2. Outofmytree

    Couple of things that made this level doable for me:

    Reset until you get a starting layout that allows you to jailbreak the bomb and crush it if possible.
    Make a colour bomb (as central as possible).
    Make striped candy/s to mix with your colour bomb and pay attention to how many other candys of the same colour as your striped candy are on the board.

    The first time I beat this level I had a colour bomb and 4 different striped candys close by. This allowed me to choose (green I think) the colour that had the most candys on the edges of the board.

    Good luck!


      thanks for sharing :)

    • Lois

      What do you mean reset?

    • Lois

      I had asked a question about the reset you reference, can you please tell me what you mean? It appears my prior question ws deleted somehow!

  3. Down under

    This is the worst I have come across…much more than other ” impossible” levels. And i have sat on thise for days before i got thru but could see a pattern Only got close once in this level and have no idea. Hints have helped before.. But not this time… Can we have written hints..please.. Videos don’t help me…..about to give up

  4. Down under

    This is the worst…not happy at all. Worse than others people have complained about.. Don’t feel like I am ever … Close to getting there…

  5. Marcia

    It says we get 35 moves but I only get 30!
    Now what is wrong?

  6. Marcia

    The bombs explode much faster than they should! Seem to jump from 2-1-0 immediately!

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