Candy Crush Saga Level 109

Candy Crush Level 109Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 40,000 points in 35 moves.

1 star: 40000 points
2 stars: 90000 points
3 stars: 140000 points

The 5 white blockers are all Jelly squares and the 4 individual squares on their own islands are as well. Work through the bombs first as one horizontal striped candy will clear them out, them the locked in pieces. Then do your best to make striped candies to remove the remainder of the pieces to finish off this level. A color bomb is exceptionally helpful here.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 109

Use horizontally striped candy matches to clear the bombs and the locked candies. You can also use a color bomb matched a similarly colored candy.

Other Candy Crush Level 109 Tips

  • First goal should be to use the bombs
  • Stay alert for special combos because these are the only option in order to destroy the jelly in the four cells
  • Finally you will need a horizontal line blast or a good combo
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18 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 109”
  1. Rhonda

    If candy crush would give the bonues to me when I like and share and do all the other BS thats required, I would be alot happier almost ready to uninstall

  2. Paula

    I am right with the rest of you. I have been on Level 109 for a week now and don’t see it happening. I refuse to spend my hard earned money .99 at a time just to finish the level.

    It is just a ploy to get you to break down and spend your money just to finish and I object it.

    I am so done with this game.

    I WAS having fun.

    • Max

      I agree, you should be able to pass on certain levels!

  3. Lin

    Can get rid of the bombs but moves run out before I can get rid of the top jellies. The candy stripes never fall in the right place really fed up with this level


      Have you read all the tips/discussion available here?

    • Paula

      I am right with all the rest of you. Level 109 is absolutely the most frustrating level. I have been stuck on it for almost a week now. There is no way I am spending my hard earned money .99 at a time in order to get more moves to accomplish this.

      I think it was a little ridiculous to make it this difficult so that you will be tempted to spend your money. Its just a ploy.

      I am so done with this game.


        Have you read all tips available here?

  4. Rebecca Wheeler (

    Serious technical problem on Level
    98. Allows you about 4 or 5 moves
    then ends the game for you
    And asks for $1.99 to continue. I did pay it but same problem
    ARE OVER. Thank you!!!!!!!


      Let King know about this problem so that they can fix the problem for you and you can get back to crushing

      • Max

        Thy dont care about the gamers! I agree, you should be able to pass on certain levels!

  5. reaksmey

    I wont go to 51

  6. Bobbi

    How come when I had a horizontal stripe in the caged jelly row it only eliminated one on the right side and not the one on the left side??

  7. BabaYaga

    #First objective is to clear the center as much as possible, so that your candies can drop. After that, ignore the center.

    #Second is to make a striped candy on the level of the bombs, *making sure that there is no licorice spring in the way* because it stops the stripe action.

    #Third, go after the upper single candies because they have jelly. While striped candies can be used, your best bet is a wrapped candy combo, with a striped or a color bomb.

    #The fact is that EVERY level requires a good amount of luck. Skill consists of learning how to make opportunities to create specials; ten a different plan of attack for each game.

    • Dave Young

      Sorry, have to disagree with that- your first priority is taking out the candy bombs at the bottom. You can do that by making matches at the bottom to have the candies at the top drop hoping for a combo before you use up your nine moves.


        probably both strategies are decent!

  8. PJ

    I don’t understand how to match to the bombs and get them to disappear. I’ve watched the video several times but haven’t come up with any great combos to accomplish what you did.

    • candy

      it’s all about the specials! You just have to do some specials in order to get them disappear before the counter goes to 0.

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